Back to Back Softball Championships

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Babe_Ruth, Sep 16, 2010.

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    This is a General Sports talk section, so that's what I'm going to do.

    Has some of you may know, I'm in a Softball league with my work. It's the second straight year that I play with this team. My brother and two my best friends joined at the same time as I did. Our team was supposedly awful in previous seasons, but then we join last year we won the Championship. We won it against a team that won it seven straight seasons. We burried them 21-8 I think or something like that.

    Yesterday we had our Finals, and it was a close game. We started off really well offensively, but committed a few mistakes on defense. In the fifth inning or so, there was someone on second and third, someone hits a line drive over the rover and the ball lands just in front of me(I was playing left field) I run towards the ball and throw the ball to home, the player on second took a chance, but he failed. I gunned him out from Left Field. It's not the first time I do it, but it's always an awesome feeling, sometimes even better then hitting a home run.

    Anyway, we were home team since we finished first in the regular season, and they came up to bat in the last inning trailing by three runs, unfortunately there were a few errors in that inning and they took the lead by one going in to the last inning. My brother was the first to bat and he hit a single. The batter afterwards got another single and same thing with the girl after. The bases were juice, and nobody out. The next batter comes up and hits a bloop single on top of the second baseman head, my brother scores easily, and then I told the batter on second to go home since I knew the player in right field didn't have a good arm(I was third base coach at the time) Well I made the right decision and we won the game 15-14.

    It was an exciting game, closer than I expected it to be, but I'm glad we were able to win our second Championship in a row.

    Good times.

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    Heh, I'm on a tournament team here in Kansas. Softball is so freaking addicting man, good times.

    Congrats on the victory, that's awesome. They played a 5 man rover? Man I hate those!

    Also - definatly agree with you, nothing better than gunning people out who decide to try and run on you.
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    Three outfielders and two rovers, I cannot stand it either since most of the time they get in the way. We're allowed to field ten people, seven guys and three girls. If you don't have enough girls, then you get an automatic out everytime you go through your lineup.

    It is very addicting, I was in two leagues this year.

    Thanks for congrats!

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