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Back to Back albums


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Which two are the best? I think it's an easy one for me.

Off the Wall then Thriller.
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still nobody's bitch
I wish I had my Rolling Stone Album Guide still, because this is not an easy one for me at all.

It's a tie beteween Sticky Fingers then Exile on Main Street, and Animals then The Wall

Close runner-up would be The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, then Amorica.


Registered Member
Late Registration then Graduation by Kanye West, or Endtroducing... And The Preemptive Strike by DJ Shadow.

The Kanye albums are two of the best hip hop albums made, Graduation being one my favorite albums ever. The same for Endtroducing..., And a song off of The Preemptive Strike led to the use of the term "trip-hop" to describe that type of music.


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Being a product of the britpop era I would nominate Definitely Maybe followed by (what's the story) Morning Glory?. Oasis lost a lot of traction after Be Here Now as it became clear Liam thought he was not bigger than Jesus but bigger than God and they kind of went off the rails. These will always be albums for me that I will always enjoy and still listen to 20 years later.
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