Back routines with Free Weights and Bench bar


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Back is not a big thing I do. I do back on machines usually. Seated Row. Reverse flys on an incline bench, Overhead Pull-downs and lowever back on a machine (no idea what its called).

Anyways I haven't done any back routines since school ended since everything I did was on machines.

Things i have pairs of free weights from 5lbs to 55lbs. An 2 Olympic benches and bars.

I have a bench than can incline up but its not Olympic and kinda small.

Any routines you could suggest with free weights would be appreciated. I want to start doing some back routines again.


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The best things are deadlifts. Easy, simple, effective. They're not hand weights, but they're very good on the back, and also work your legs and triceps some too.


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I was about to say I cant do anythign that involves slamming Large amounts of weights in the foundation of my basement( why I cant do deadlifts).

Parents wouldnt like that too much..

O yeah I completely forgot about that routine corona thanks.