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what kind of toys did you play with when you were a you still have some/all of them? what memories do you have of these toys?

i used to play with Tonka Trucks...holy crap did i love the dirt. i remember my parents buying me a sandbox so i wouldn't get as dirty. good times. I also had GI-Joe's, and I played with army men until i was about nine.


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Lego, mostly. I'd sit building shit for hours. My mum reckons I'd make all sorts of fancy crap - buildings, spaceships, monsters, etc. I also played with the old Action Man and plastic toy soldiers too, but it was Lego for the most part.


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I had electronic stuff from Japan (cartoon projectors, toy fans, hello kitty). They're all broken after a few months of misuse. I played chess with adults. And I rearrange our furniture to play house with my girl friends. With the guy friends, I played Atari.


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Mostly Playmobile and Legos. My sister and I used to build these awesome Playmobile houses. Also, I played a lot of Nintendo.


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I played with a doll house, dolls, video games, those little cars (I think they were called Hot Wheels.), and legos.

I was certainly an interesting kid. =P
I'll take gaming out of the equation, although that was my favourite passtime. I was also a Lego warrior. I had quite the imagination and Lego was a superb channel for it. I used to treat the little treasure coins like precious bullion. I had insane amounts of board games - everything from Monopoly, Cluedo and Scrabble to Don't Wake Dad, Operation and Mouse Trap. I had a giant bag of micro machines. A train set and er.. the electric racing cars and track. Scale Electric; that's the one! Oh and those little plastic clam shaped toys that had some random scene and people that fit in peg holes. It was the guy's 'Polly Pocket' at the time, though I forget the name. Max? Mighty Max I think. I too had a GI Joe. I had a Jurassic Park car with missile launcher (which used to attack my Lego castles). Slinky, chemistry & electronic sets to brew trouble, Pogs, marbles - just endless bits and bobs.

The blame sits with my parents for taking me to Toys R Us twice a year for a big splash out. I sure had some fun though. I dare say I'd still play with select items.
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I played with dolls a lot. Other than that, I was outside all the time finding things in the woods to bulid forts with, and making "salad" in a beach pail with leaves, water, dirt, berries. Haha. I miss those times, a lot. I also used to play Linkin' Logs (not sure if that's how it is spelled or not.) I played Nintendo a lot as I got older, and Sega, and then just riding my bike all the time with the neighborhood kids.
I played with Legos of course, the K'Nex building blocks, GI Joe toys, Jurassic Park dinosaurs and Star Wars action figures and the sad thing is I still have all my SW action figures. We also had an electronic X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, Snowspeeder, TIE Fighter and a remote-controlled race car speeder bike but sadly all of those are gone:(

But at least I kept the action figures.


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Me and my brother had a huge collection of Lego, and used to spend days and days playing with the stuff, building cities with it. That was the toy I most remember playing with, but we also had Machano (sp?) and Playmobile, which got a fair bit of use too.