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Back from the OR


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Just got back from the hospital with my daughter.
She had her adnoids removed yesterday and what was supposed to be a 20 minute surgery turned into a 24 hour scary ordeal.

Her adnoids were about 6x the normal size for someone her age and she had an artery leading to them. The doctors brought her out of surgery and said that she was still bleeding a little but not to worry, that it would stop.
An hour and a half later, Chrysta was still bleeding from her nose and it was progressively getting worse. They called the surgeon back in. Had to put Chrysta back under anesthesia and cauterize the artery again.

We were transferred over to the hospital for observation and things look good now. Though they are looking into a common blood disorder that my daughter may have. Von Willerbrands Disease. Soo, we're home and she's all laid out on the couch relaxin and watchin tv.

Our trip to Florida has been cancelled *sigh* for now. We'll be going back and forth to the ENT and the Hematologist for a while to have some tests run and for checkups. All in all she lost a unit of blood for someone her size but no transfusion was needed *WOOOT*

What's kinda weird... tonyspoker had pmed me a few days ago about something very similiar that happened to her and I thought "Nahhh couldnt happen to my kid" lol

If you won an auction from me, it will be shipping out today or tomorrow. :)


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Awww so sorry to hear that a simple thing turned into a nightmare. Poor kid!!! (Mom too)!

Also sorry about the trip but there is always later.

Mom hope you stocked up on lots of ice cream! Hear that is great for blood loss :) Big hugs to your daughter!


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Awww I"m sorry to hear about that ordeal too! Stuff like that is really scarey and you NEVER think its going to happen to you!! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!!


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Poor little thing..how old is she? I know how scary it can be when your kids are in that situation...been there! Nothing worse than feeling useless and watching others take care of your child.


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So sorry it wasn't easier...always hard for moms when there babies get hurt... Hope she's feeling better soon... If shes as bright as her momma she'll have you back and forth to the freezer lots! "Mommy can I have a sundae for dinner?"


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bethany said:
I dont mean to get off the subject but I hate Drs as much as I hate Lawyers lol. Since about 6th grade...Im 28 now My tonsils have been the size of well I little bigger than those little bouncy balls you get for a quarter. The dr told me they can not be removed because I get strep throat/tonsilitis ALOT He said that tonsils help fight off infection??? Go figure. Anyways I have pockets on my humongo tonsils that food get stuck in and the food rots I guess and when I cough it comes flying out sometimes I swallow it and I feel a big chunk going down my throat. I went to the Dr again. A different one and they said same thing tonsils need to stay. Get a water pic to wash them??!!!!! I DONT WANT MY TONSILS TAKE THEM OUT!!!! IDIOTS!!!!

I hope your daughter feels better....
I always thought that if you got a lot of strep throat and tonsilitis they took out your tonsils? I guess I heard wrong!?! Drs. always seem to change their mind all the time anyways so who knows.

I hope your daughter feels better soon Iggy.


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Thank you all for the concern :)

We are headin back to the ER here in a few (as soon as Daddy can get back from work cause ambulance will charge 1k just for a 20 minute ride). She has a fever and a severe headache... *sigh* Nothins easy with this one lol