back!!! and glad to be


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ok so i dont think i missplaced this thread. earlier i went on a manditory vaca to get my shit together... well im back and have a lot to do. sadly i wont have access to all off the site since im on a psp and get poor signal in my neighboorhood. any way just making a big reappearince... o and just cause i havent had the chance to be here and feel i have became a changed person i need some time before i can be as active as before the vaca


Sally Twit
Glad to see you back! I find it strange you made this post when I sent you a message yesterday asking where you were.



Guardian of the Light
welcome back, I think that you should get a computer with internet access, I wouldn't be able to stand doing GF on a PSP that'd be so annoying, no, it's at it's best when you are on a computer.


Guardian of the Light
not sure what happened, my technically impaired mom was messin round then it just kept restarting.
you couldn't have possibly broken a computer like that.

I recomment just reinstalling windows and it'll probably all be fine, if you can't then I'd check out the BIOS and make sure that everything seems right.