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Bachelor Parties and Strip Clubs


Do What Thou Wilt
A) Most Stag parties will involve strippers, but I wouldn't consider it uncommon to not have strippers, and probably just a game of poker or a trip to the bar would be common as well.

B) I think it is fairly acceptable to go to a strip joint for a stag party, and not to consider it cheating. I wold consider a lap dance questionable, depending on his character and the circumstances of what happened. Some times some dudes get forced into a lap dances, and things may not be what they appear. Just be sure to learn about everything that happened if things turn sour.

C) Considering it is a stag party, and the commonality of strippers, I wouldn't consider even a lap dance cheating, but if you are uncomfortable with him getting one, you should tell him. But don't consider it cheating/unethical


A) What percentage of Stag parties actually involve strippers?
95% IMHO

B) Are these sort of places acceptable for people in relationships?

Not if you are married, however a Stag party IMHO is ok as it is the last party as a bachelor/ bachelorette , girls have stag parties as well.

C) What constitutes cheating (involving strippers and in any other situation)

IMHO a lap dance does NOT constitute cheating as long as there is no sex of any kind whatsoever.