'Baby Shaq' made for the NBA

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Fresh, Sep 4, 2006.

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    (Not the streetball Player)


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    I remember the year he got drafted, he was suppose to go really high, but he went early in the second round, 34th overall and he got drafted by the Los Angelos Clippers. I am pretty sure after three years in Europe he's ready for the NBA. Hopefully he becomes the next Shaq, because the same thing was said about Curry, but he's not close to be like Shaq.
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    There never was, never will be another Shaq. :D

    Hopefully this kid'll become a great player. We'll see.
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  5. Midnight

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    Thats about the minimal playing salary in the NBA and the Clippers have a little b it of caproom.

    Curry has shown that he can be lazy and has absolutely no work ethic. He was working in Chicago under Skiles. However when the man came to New York, he was getting injured and never showed his potential. Right now he is getting paid fat for doing almost nothing.

    As for the Next Shaq, I hope the Clippers can develop him. The team has a little bit uncertainty so a guy like him can really help in the paint. He joins other guys who know the meaning of rebounding and protecting the paint.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree, they still have to be patient with him, because he has a lot of potential, but he's still a raw player. I am almost positive that he won't get much playing time this season, and maybe even start off the year in NBDL, which could help him a lot. But if he starts to excel there, he might get the call up, and get a few minutes a game. But having players like Brand and Kaman there, will help him a lot.

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