Baby Picture a Day in a Flip Book


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This is a cool concept.

Take a picture of your kid every day until they get older. You'll end up with a pretty cool flip book style video that literally shows your kid aging day after day.

It's actually a pretty awesome concept. Here's one of a kid going to age 5.

YouTube - Madeline, Five Years - Photo a Day - Re: Noah

Do it every day for life and you'd have a choppy version of this:

YouTube - 85 years in 40 seconds.



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I have my kids' baby picture a day until 30 days, then picture a month until a year. After than, it depends on when we feel like taking pictures. :rofl: It's hard to keep up with it. With the first, it's easier. But like with my gwenna, her picture library is disorganised and we've missed some stages.


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If I had kids, I don't think I can take a picture of them every day. If I did take pictures of them, it would be like birthdays, vacations, first day of school.


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Great concept, but I think unless you have just one child and don't have extremely busy days, just remembering to take a picture everyday might be quite a task.

I think the flip book posted was precious and that child will love having it when she grows up though.


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Even for my first child I didn't take a picture a day, but I do have at least once a month if not more, that should do the trick I think, yet because I didn't think of making a flip book out of it most of the pictures aren't portraits.
When it comes to my second she is lucky to have half the amount of photos..