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Baby Names


Son of Liberty
I was kinda sitting here pondering like I usually do and I got really fixated on what makes people name their kids the names they do? Anything from a Generic Name like I have (Thomas Thompson) to something Crazy and off the wall like this guy that was in my Historical Geology Course last semester named and I kid you not "Jakoolayd Mackey" (pronounced "Juh-Koo-Laid").

if you have children, what inspired you to give your children their names? What made you choose that particular name over others that you maybe thought of?

If you dont have children, what do you think will be the driving inspiration to naming your future children (pending you want kids).
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yellow 4!
Whatever name I like at the time, I'd probably look around the net for inspiration. My all time favourite name is Elsie Dylan, but I'm not marrying someone with the surname Dylan just so I can have that for the baby :lol: And everyone tells me the name Elsie is only suited to old people but hey, they were kids once :p

I might not even have kids. But if I do, I won't name them anything crazy.


Babeasaurus Sex
I love the name Lilly for a girl I always have :) and for a boy it would be Chase or Lucas.

I hope I don't have more than one girl.....I'd be screwed..Although I quite like the name Lottie.....


On a side note in high school I knew

Naroussaha Khan and her brother Khan Naroussaha

And my favourite Theresa Greene (I think her parents hated her)

I knew a girl called chardonnay aswell.....Poor thing....

Destiny Shaw <---- Grew up to be a stripper.....we probably could have guessed that for her.....

Funny things are names.....


Survived a M&G with Trent
I actually have...a baby name list on my computer. It's a Word file and everything. Haha. So I'll probably go with something from there. They are just names that I like. I may think about doing something to honor a family member, but not sure.

Kibi - How is Theresa Greene a weird name?
ETA - I knew a girl named Apple before Gwenyth Paltrow named her daughter that.
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Epic Gamer
Two names I have always liked are Sarah for a girl and Sam for a boy. It's not that those are the only names I would use, those just happen to be two names that I like.

I guess if I ever had kids, I would just choose a name that we could both agree on. I'd hope it wouldn't be something out there or crazy though. Interestingly (kinda), my dad's name is Mark, and my name is Marc. It's a long story. :lol:


Registered Member
For my two youngest we had a list of names that we whittled down to three.
Erin, Faith and Bethany were the ones we really liked for my daughter and we spent a week calling the bump by each name finally choosing Erin over the others, we let her older sister choose her middle name out of the other two and we ended up with Erin Faith.

For my son it was much of the same, a list of names reduced to three we really liked.
Connor, Luke or Jake, again we called the bump by each name but it was Connor that felt right, his middle name was choosen by an old friend of his mums mum, who is like an aunt, she choose the name Angelus, which sounded fairly good to me so that is what we went with Connor Angelus and both the kids have my last name.


i'm really picky on names, it'll really depend on what i might like at that time.
i like my cousin's name Enki or Enky [depends]. mom chose it for her. or Etis [pronounced Etees]. still mom chose it for her.[my other cousin].
so i'd probably ask my mom to give a beautiful name to my kid. lol.
i like any name except Italian names. they are overrated and overused here in Albania.


still nobody's bitch
I was looking for ethnic(ish) names for something a little different. My daughter's last name is Italian but of the only two Italian girl names I really liked, one was already taken in my family, and the other sounded exactly like her last name, only one vowel away. So I ruled out Italian names and went with Gaelic, and came up with Delaney. I'd come across a girl named Delaney before and thought it was really cool and mildly Clapton-esque. My two finalists for girl names were Delaney and Layla, and I went with Delaney.

My boy name choice was Dylan, for Bob.


Sally Twit
Kibi - How is Theresa Greene a weird name?
Theres (trees) sa (are) greene
Trees are green!

If someone who I loved died before my child was born then there's a chance I'd name them after that person. I know people do that a lot and I think it's really lovely.
I like the name Christian for a boy and Jessica for a girl.

Oh by the way I'm not pregnant or thinking of having children any time soon. I already asked my boyfriend if he likes those names and he says he does. I think I worried him though. :lol: