Babe_Ruth Under the Microscope!

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rainbow 11!
That's right! The Recruiting King MJ! The same drunken Canadian that won the Xbox 360. XD

What is your favorite beer and why?

What's your favorite position and why?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wow I am honored guys thank you.

-I drink a lot of different kinds of beers, but my favorite has to be Coors Richards Red, I just love the taste, and it gets you drunk pretty fast.

-I currently don't have a girlfriend, but I am always looking.

-Enjoy it

-I personally enjoy going around and searching for different forums on the web, especially sports and politics one, then I join, after my account is activated I start private messaging people. I butter them up a bit saying that there knowledge of (politics or sport) is great and I would love to have someone like them on the forums. And I have lots of patience, I have private message over 5000 people so far.

-My favorite motto is enjoy your life, because it can end at anytime.

-The sky is blue because God loves the color lol.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Now that is one weird question Himie o_O

Well anyway let me ask mine.

MJ....why in the world did you want to start a forum anyway?
Plus...what makes you so addicted to sports eh?


Sultan of Swat
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-Chesse can be good from time to time. But I am not big of a fan

-When I first got the internet at home I really like Dragon Ball Z, so I visited a lot of DBZ sites. I found one called DB3K and I saw something called forums. So I decided to check it out. I saw it was place where you could interact with other people about the subject at hand. Which was Dragon Ball Z at the time. After I got use to the concept I decided to make one on my own. But the problem was I had to find the right people to help me. I started on a a crappy host called homestead where you could do everything by yourself with ease. It was like click and drag. Then DBZAN was created. I had one of the best staff. Which included my cousin and one of the best persons to ever do graphics CrOnIKSSJ. Then that died because Cronikssj and my cousin got tired of it. Then I met krusade(blur) and DrkFusion on DB3K. I quickly got to know them, and then a site called DBUK was created. That place was so much fun. But shortly after my computer broke and I couldn't access the internet for like 2 years, so that site died. I finnaly came back, and reached Blur once again. After a lot of convincing, I convinced him to help me create another forum. It was quite successful, but I dissapeared once again, and so did that site. I came back one more time, and reached Blur once more. And after a lot and a lot of begging he finally gaved in and Fusion Central was created. I might of forgot a few little sites that I created in the process but that's about the real story.

-The reason why I am addicted to sports is because it's what I do best. I am not very good at anything else. Sports make me happy, because it's something I am good at. Without sports I dodn't know where i'd be in life.

-The only thing I passionate about is sports. It's the only one thing i'll put some effort into.

-One of my favorite childhood memories has to be the time I was at my late-grandparents house. They lived in a apartment complex on the 10th floor. And I was about 6 years old and I was playing on the balcony with my little monter truck toy. But accidently it fell from the balcony, and I started to cry because I thought it was gone for good. But my grandpa went to look for it in the bushes and he came back with it, and I couldn't be happier.
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