Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb

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Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb

  1. Babe Ruth

  2. Ty Cobb

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    When people rank the greatest players of all time, these two players are always first and second. Most of the time Babe Ruth is first and Cobb is second, with good reason if you ask me.

    Now lets compare there overall games, leave the pitching out though( I know it was a big part of his game, but just leave it out this discussion)

    Now in your opinion, who was the better overall player?

    Please state why you selected that player over the other.

  2. salsanchezfan

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    When it comes to baseball before 1947, I generally have a very low opinion on it because the game was segregated. I can imagine if these players had played against the like of Josh Gibson, Pop Lloyd, a PRIME Satchel Page, Cool Papa Bell, Buck O'Neil, Smokey Joe Williams, Ted Double Duty Radcliffe, Turkey Stearns, etc, etc... Cobb and Babe wouldn't be in the same discussion.

    That being said, Cobb was easily the best player. Babe may have hit 714 homers, but Cobb was an overly aggressive, hell-may-care kind of player. He had a natural hatred of just about everyone and everything and he took it out on the ballfield in more ways than one. He would slide into bases with his spikes up, he would intentionally run into and attempt to injure players, etc, etc. He could have hit a lot of homers if he wanted to, but that wasn't his style. His was to spray lines drive into the gaps, run, steal bases, and eventually score. He is second all-time with 4,189 hits, and stoll over 900 bases, I believe. He led the league in slugging many times, and he had a great eye and rarely ever struck out. He could field brilliantly, and had a cannon for an arm in centerfield. Like Ruth, he was a pitcher before becoming a hitter (though never in the major leagues, only in the minors).

    As great a player as he was on the field, and in my opinion, the best player of pre-1947 major league baseball (Not including the Negro Leagues, who I felt had better players) he was as big a piece of shit as a human being off the field. Read the book "Cobb" by Al Stump. Great book.

    SHOELESSJOE3 Registered Member

    My pick is as always was in the past, Babe Ruth, the greatest player ever.
    Not to diminish the great black players who never had their chance at MLB because of skin color but in honesty we will never know how they would perform in MLB. Let me make that last point clear, there is no doubt that their were some black players as good and better than some white players. There is no doubt that if playing in MLB there would be some that make the Hall of Fame on their performance. The point I make is I have no way of knowing how they would match up to Ruth because although through no fault of their own, they never played MLB, how do I measure them. A real shame, MLB and the fans lost out on that one, the game would have been greatly enriched had they been given the chance.

    Cobb and Ruth. One writer could not decide and gave a good case for either. His words, how do you want to beat your opponent, jab him to death, thats Cobb or just plain knock him out with one punch, thats Ruth.

    Good point but I think he short changes the Babe, he was also a great hitter, he could do more than hit home runs. His .342 career average is the 5th highest in modern time and he was swinging from the heels. His .690 slugging percentage is far ahead of second place, the great Ted Williams 56 points back at .634. Two very important career stats, Runs Created/game has Ruth number one at 13.14. OBA Babe is second to only Ted Williams. Ted at .482 and Babe at .474 only .008 behind Ted. To be considered Babe's career stats suffered because his average in the years 1914-1919 were in the dead ball era are included, also part time pitcher outfielder. He was a pitcher only for 4 seasons 1914-15-16-17 batting only every 4th or 5th day, not very good to keep a hitters timing sharp.

    His offensive power with his slugging puts him over Cobb the better hitter for average and great base runner, not enough to offset Babe's power numbers and OBA.

    I wonder how many know that although he hit 714 home runs Babe Ruth had only 49 home runs his first 6 seasons in baseball 1914-1919, his career was already one quarter over. He had 11 seasons with 40 or more home runs, more than any other hitter.............yet he never hit 40 until his 7th season 1920.
    Not even to include his pitching, his hitting alone puts him at the top and most of his hitting came between 1920-1935 a 16 year period, the years he was an every day player, no telling what his total numbers would be had he not spent those years as a pitcher only 1914-15 -16-17.

    His offensive power is just too much for all of Cobb's skill. I might add that until his last 5 years when he put on the pounds he was considered a far better than average outfielder with a rifle arm that not many runners would test.
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