ayy (:


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okay so my friend demanded that I join this site so here's my introduction I guess :)
my name is Shaun, I'm 16, and I live in a tiny freaking town in the South. I like to write and I hope that one day I can make somewhat of a career in it.
I'm a saved Christian, but I'm much more liberal than the classic stereotype of a Christian. I don't have any specific denomination, like Baptist or whatever, I follow my own interpretation of the Bible.
I'm really bi, but it's more along the lines of gay haha. that's a long story.
okay not really but I just am too lazy to get into it.
my boyfriend is my love, and I'm very confident in that :D aaaand his name is David hehe.
uhm I guess there's really not much else.
enough about me.
what about you? :D


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Welcome to the forums, I am very glad that you've decided to join this great place, I've seen some of your post around the forums, hopefully you'll remain active.

See you around.


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Shaun! I love you. :D Have my babies? Make sure DJ joins and puts me down as the one who brought him here.

Oh yeah, welcome!