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Awsome Awsome Gym class today


living on the border
So today in gym my teacher made us go out and play baseball...in the drizzling rain. This was our first time playing baseball this year. Every other gym class I had been picked last or close to last. TODAY I WAS PICKED FIRST, but only because we were playing baseball.

I did well for my team, wwe only played 3 innings. After the first we were down 0-3. . And in the top of the 2nd I made two awsome plays, one was a force out to 2nd (i was playing 3rd), and the second one was throwing the runner out at first when someone had bunt (damn thing should've been called foul. it stayed 0-3 until the bottom of the 2nd and I got a hit and scored from 1st and at the end of the inning the score was 3-3. Then in the top of the third the other team came back to 6-3. But in the bottom I got another hit and once again scored from first and we rallied for 6 runs in that inning. Then gym was over. But we won 9-6.

I was so excited about getting picked first, even more excited about how well I played today.:D


Ohhh, it must've been nice! Congrats on getting picked first. <3


Well-Known Member
sounds like a good gym class.

I love gym class every time I have it because we have a really cool coach that I know and I'm really athletic and fast, though my coordination could be better.


Well once in gym class I was hit really hard in the face with a rubber ball and it broke my glasses and my glasses in turn cut the bridge of my nose.

I think we both know who had the better gym class experience.