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So this is a band that I heard over the radio one evening and I really liked the song a lot, so eventually I bought their first album. I'd have to say, I'm not one bit disappointed by the choice, I'm liking a good 80% of their music. It's considered Alternative by the music industry, although it has some songs that would give it almost a slight house/rock theme to it as well. I would recommend this group to anyone who hasn't heard of them already, but here is their hit song that's been playing on the radio as of late.

Sail - Awolnation
AWOLNATION - Sail - YouTube



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I first heard their song on the radio and when I looked it up, I found this video. It's an awesome song made even better by some wingsuit by Jeb Corliss. I don't remember any of their other songs, but I'm sure I listened to a few more. I like the song Sail, though.