Awkward tension between my boss and me?

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by redlory85, Nov 27, 2010.

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    So. Back in July I had this boss.
    He said extremely innapropriate things to me and even crossed the line once or twice. I was so fed up of it, I came into work one day and burst into tears. Someone came to my aid and brought it to my (new boss's) attention; (who was a manager at a location near by) Needless to say my old boss got fired of course and the new boss (we will call him Scott) took over at the location I was working at.

    Scott was very caring with me. Gave me his personal cell phone number & told me to call him if I needed to talk, no matter how late. He also took my hand and kissed it and told me it was going to be alright and whatnot. He was extremely sweet and seemed like he really wanted to help me. He went on vacation for a week while all this drama was going on but when he got back, there has been some serious tension.

    He never talks to me, he never says hi or goodbye, if he needs to speak with me he will send me an e-mail via our company e-mail. Something as simple as: "Please be ready for this client" he will send an email instead of telling me .. he is literally RIGHT beside me! I can't understand why he's so awkward around me. I first thought he didn't like me, so I made the mistake of asking his assistant if he hated me. Well, his assistant obviously told him because RIGHT after he came and was very friendly, asking me if I had a good weekend etc. Someone even suggested that he may not know how to act around me given everything that has happened. But this whole situation is long gone now I don't know why hes hanging onto it. It's making for a very weird work environment.

    Thanks for reading. :D

  2. anmracing

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    I think I'm not reading this right but not sure. So "Scott" is your new supervisor and is the one that went on vacation????

    I'm thinking that if someone saw him kissing your hand and consoling you may have taken it the wrong way. Someone may have thought it as inappropriate. If the suits higher up got wind of it they may have had to say something. If that is the case then maybe they would have to advise him of the situation the old boss was terminated for and not to cross that line... A innocent kiss on the hand or asking someone to call no matter how late it is could have grave consequences, especially in an office environment.
  3. Strayjack

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    This could be the most appropriate reason why your current boss is avoiding direct contact with you. There may also have been certain flag raised during the course of his vacation that he realized inappropriate during the handling of your situation. In which he is willing to compromise his behavior towards you in fear that it may be interpreted wrong by the administration or co-workers.

    Or perhaps you may be sending messages that you are not aware of that could compromise his career? I say focus on your job and avoid further emotional ties other than being just co-workers.

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