Awkward Moments


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I'm sure everyone has had their share of awkward moments. So let's hear 'em.

Couple summers ago, my family and I drove down the Austin to visit some cousins. It was around 10 when we arrived at our hotel room Me and my dad were watching Monk on Comedy Central. Suddenly, our of nowhere, a black screen with "WARNING The following video contains sexually explicit blah blah blah" comes on. I was like, oh shit, and the 8374562 hour long commercial came on. I couldn't really enjoy the rest of the movie afterwards...


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One time me and my friend and my other friend were walking down the road and joking around and one friend said "I have cancer" In a joking fashion and then the other friend said "I have diabetes" and he actually does. MAN that was akward.


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Yesterday, I was watching Chris Rocks "Bigger and Blacker" and as soon as my sister walks in and sits down he starts to talk about porno and how every guys has a stash somewhere in their house. I could image the thoughts she was having man it was akward, funny but akward.


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Once, I walked in on my sister having sex. She was straddling the guy's waist and he had his hands on her butt.....

Let's just say that the next month or so was REALLY awkward.


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In highschool I was talking about how annoying this one girl was to my friends before school in the Library. I was looking to my left talking to a couple people and all a sudden they started edging their head the other way. They got quite and and moving their eyes in another direction.

I continued and then 5 or so minutes later the bell rang. I got up to leave looking to the right. And the girl Katie was sitting their with her jaw dropped. The girl I had been ranting about for lik 10 minutes...


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i was outside waiting for class to start and i saw this girl who looked like one of my friends, so i went up behind her and tikled her in the sides and said hi all casually. when she turned around and i saw that it wasent the person i thought, i felt like an ass.


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One night I was playing Super Smash Brothers Melee with two friends, and we were all making jokes about one another for fun. One of them commented something about me being gay, then I told him that I was. Things were silent for a while until we just went out for some dinner, man that was Awkward!



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Last night I went out with my dad to see that movie, Heartbreak Kid..........

That movie has sex scenes worse than the 40 Year Old Virgin. So it was pretty awkward..........

Warning: DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE WITH A PARENTAL FIGURE! (It's a damn funny movie, though)
..I had this horrible teacher in secondary school. How she became a teacher, I don't know. I don't want to know. She was the kind of person who would go around showing off people's work in class and say: "this is how you're supposed to do". And then go on to the student she favoured picking on, in person, show the work to the class (without any of us actually seeing what it was, she'd just display the book) and say: "this is NOT how you're supposed to do. We were supposed to discuss abortion once in biology class, and she brought a fetus with her on a bottle. Now, it didn't belong to the school - I have no idea where she got it. But I don't really want to know that either.

Anyway, so we had this computer in one of the rooms between the classrooms. And we figured out a way to share files with the other computers on the net. And how to use a random text- file as input in the touch- training program by writing over a file directly. So me and one of her "favourite" students, started brainstorming, just at random, a story from our class we could share with the other class on the floor below us. So, obviously it turned out to be about her. And I would go back and forth and suggest small lines and "stories" we could include. And I was really impressed by how well this guy could write, I'd never seen him do anything but cause trouble, so we carried on for a while, and the story became really good. Laughing out loud funny, not particularly nasty or anything, but on that teacher's expense, of course. And we sort of wound down for a bit, and laughed, and took a pause before thinking about reading through the story and sending the story along.

Except, for the past several minutes, this insane teacher had somehow managed to sneak in and sit down in one of the chairs in that room. And then when the story would draw to a close, she had walked quietly all the way up to my back without me noticing it (somehow she'd forgotten her garlic and sweat perfume that morning, and wore a new jacket), and when I turned around she stood about ten centimeters from my face with this insane rictus on her face. And I said.. "ah, eh, er, um, so, did you like the story?".

And the air sort of went out of her - she'd obviously expected us to feel guilty as hell, and we were just embarrassed, of course - and what would she say? She couldn't bank on the text being something awful, she hadn't heard anything horrendous after all. In fact, she'd been sitting there hearing us making fun of her while I was saying how impressed I was with this guys writing skills for the last ten minutes - and it was nothing else than that. I'm sure the other teachers would've laughed pretty hard as well. So somehow she went from believing she had the upper hand, and into understanding that she really had nothing, and that she'd been acting like a maniac - and she blushed. I didn't think she was capable of emotion, and she apparently knew shame as well. I was pretty shocked.

And then she started mumbling - that was even worse than the usual rants. At least those were predictable - and she started talking, apparently to herself. So I was pretty damned happy when she started mumbling out of the door - except.. that half the class had come back from the pause, and seen her lose her cool trying to put me and that other guy down. And they were shocked as well, and she just had to leave. She didn't return to class that day.

I think she hated me after that. And, I mean, we all pitied her, you see, and thought she was phony. And she understood that suddenly. And I ruined her hold on that troublemaker. And it turned really bad - I was sort of suprised she held up as long as she did. Thankfully we only had a couple of months before school ended. But she had several months of sick- leave after classes ended.


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Once in high school me and some of my class mates were sat under the stair by our room at lunch, they were chatting amongst themselves and i was just staring into space; i just happened to return to reality when a girl says something about shagging someone while she was seeing someone else.
"Look at Hailey's face." She laughed and i kinda laughed too, then she asked if i'd tell anyone, i shook my head and said:
"Tell them what?" Cause i didn't wanna remember it myself ><

But that was kinda awkward for me cause i didn't really 'hang out' with that crowd, i just happened to be sitting there.