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There's a competition being held to find the AI that gets Mario the farthest in Infinite Mario: a game which randomly generates levels of ever-increasing difficulty. The video below shows one of the entries in action:

YouTube - Infinite Mario AI - Long Level

The above agent basically just runs a search optimized with different values assigned to the various actions Mario can take, and takes the first path it finds acceptable (or so I believe from what I've read about it). A couple of other entrants posted videos of their agents in action (there's one that shows a learning agent acting like it needs to be taught better), but the one above looks like the best of them.
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That's pretty cool. I never really had any interest in actually coding AI but it's cool to see people are working on it, even if the first thing AI is doing is veging out in front of videogames. :lol:

I suppose that makes sense though.

I would LOVE to see a Mario game where every level was randomly generated. They had a similar concept in Dark Cloud 2 where each level you visited was randomize each time you entered. It was unique each time you visited, and while it wasn't "random" random (it pick a level out of 4 or 8 different possibilities) it was fun to play it that way. I doubt Nintendo would ever do that. Eh, at least these people are. Looks cool!


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that was impressive. and the little red lines were kinda funny, it was like Mario was a sniper bullet. the real-time computing on that has to be pretty fast for it to calculate when it can jump and stuff; it looked like it wasn't just calculating paths based on what Mario could do, but what all the bouncing evil things were doing, as well.