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Awesome Commercials


needs practice
They literally just played an awesome commercial for Guinness during the Eagles REdskins game.

It's a tough, physical game of wheelchair basketball. Players are falling over, playing rough but having a good competitive time with friends. The game ends and everyone unstraps from the special basketball wheelchair except for the one friend who actually needs it. They then go to a bar and have a Guinness beer. The phrase was something like "...shows who your true friends are.." or something like that.

I don't know what it has to do with Guinness but it was an awesome commercial.

What commercials can you name that you like? Relevant to the product or not.

Hey I found the commercial :)
guinness wheelchairs basketball commercial - YouTube
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Free Spirit
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I'm not real big on commercials but I always like the Budweiser commercials, always love seeing the Clydesdale's and found them entertaining.

I hate those infomercials that last two or three minutes or more.


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wow that is not only awesome but very inspiring.That is what i would call true friends, people who do not judge you for you body but for who they see on the inside.