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Away From home *An alternate history adventure*



(ok this is a story I do it is set in a world where history went differently, it's going to be updated frequently if you want to understand the univers look that link)


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For the first time in many months, David Mann was asking himself what the heck he had joined the army, but found himself pretty stupid to express those doubt right now. He knew why so that they would pay for his studies after his father had blew it in some pyramid scam. Guess he did not expect Canada to go to war during his tour of duty, well he could have if he had been willing to spend a precious dime per day on a newspaper.

Right now, it was more a bush fire than a war; The Rocky Mountains Confederation was finally going down the cliff after years of dancing on the edge. Something as dumb as a power failure had brought it into a chaos. Well of course, this was after year of corruption, dictatorship, rebellion and war, but he was sure the history book would talk more about how that power failure brought the biggest American nation on the ground.

Apparently the "brush fire" was more serious than expected as he himself wasn't even stationed nowhere near the province bordering the Confederacy, he was in a base near Kingston, but he and the rest of his unit had been transferred to Saskatchewan to be put along the border in one of the many "temporary base" that had been set their. After that then god knew what would happen.

Those temporary bases were mostly made to keep any possible warlords to get into Canada and loot some village. That kind of incidents (and a global recession) had proven to be at least fatal to at least one administration, he was sure the new government wouldn't let itself be caught so easily (at least in the same style)

Even thought he had doubt in his mind, his face didn't show any. He had learnt to rarely show any emotion when that was not needed. Sometime, he wondered how much abuse he could take from a sergeant before he would crack under the pressure. He was sure it would be above the average, but being an obedient soldier he knew those limit would not be tested often.

From the window of the helicopter, he could see dozens of other choppers heading in the same direction, an impressive demonstration from Royal Canadian Army, Well actually not only from the Canadian Army but also from the entire commonwealth. The situation was indeed volatile but did it really need that much strength, but things were going bad all over North America maybe it was a way to make sure thing would stay in place for the British empire.

Such a deployment was off course no without any inner political consequence. The Premier Breton from Quebec had declared than no troops from Quebec would be part of what he called "this Anglo-Saxon misadventure". Of Course, the Alberta and Saskatchewan were outrage (some had call for the direct invasion of RMC). The Federal government tried to be diplomat for once and said that only volunteers from Quebec would take part in the defence line. It is incredible what can a crashing RCAF bomber in the middle of Montreal suburb killing 64 people can do.

He stopped to let his doubt trouble is spirit as the helicopter landed.


As David walked in the field that despite the move being ordered just 3 days ago, the base had already reached a beehive level of activity. Many soldiers were involved in various exercise, other were posted to the mortar units but seemed more off duty than anything trying to get rid of the boredom the prairies was given to them.

He was one foots soldiers like many others, not particular skills whatsoever; he had tried to be officer but failed. Apparently lacking "leadership skill" like they explained to him, well despite that failure he had took remarkably well. Although was sure that was his reaction, did not impress anyone. A lot of soldier would have look like they took it well, but of course you could tell that inside them they were yelling al the curses in the universe and since he had no mirror around the place he couldn't say if he had that face despite is inner peace he felt. Maybe he was just bottling in his emotions without knowing it.

He knew his orders, to go to the command post to get his other orders, the command post was easy to find. They were only three tents in the base and each could be identified easily. They were the command center, quarters and medical facility. He just hoped that he would not have to go the last one, but who know what could happen. Although the Army had not invaded the Rockies, he had made several "incursions" to make sure no Warlords would cross it. One soldier had died and 34 had been woundeds those gangs were not going to be arrested, well some time they could force into giving themself, but with the crumbling of RMC armies had made weapons so easily accessable that to hope that was no longer possible.

The most famous warlord was Rush Limbaugh and his eloquently named bunch called the Rush's Rushers. The Rush's Rushers had appeared during the Anti-McNichols rebellion like many and the war against Texas during the late 80's like many others gang. The army was too busy fighting the rebel in some "privileged" area. Some desperate community had started to hire mercenaries, some of them were doing good, but other started to take over those small town and leeched on them. Even when the war and rebellion were over they stayed in place and became illegal and started to roam the land roaming and looting all they could and off course with the spiralling down of the RMC didn't do anything getting rid of them. Now with the army "dissolving" (AKA reconverting into many other criminal gangs) they were the dominant party and since a border can never be totally seal (and off course are more virtual than anything) they sometime hopped in Pacifica, Canada, Deseret, the Great Lakes Confederacy, the U.N.S.K and Aztlan. The Pacific Defence League had extremities interested into solving that situation. The Deseret fundie were only interested in staying in their homeland, the Great lake had wait too much of their own and Aztlan only did what Texas told it to. Of course, that would need an great deployment of troops which may not be economic feasible in the current fiscal situation. Things were going sour all over the continent.

He identified the command post as being the one the tent with Red field with the coat of arm and the white maple leaf flag rather than the red cross one. So like many others he headed for it.


The command centre fitted in a three-word description "improvise but organize" A good deal of electronic equipments was in place all around the place. Obliviously the millitarisation of the Canadian border was a rare thing. The equipment was mostly for Radar operation. Warlords raiding the border were not that territorial; it was more like they took turn at the position. Living in a somewhat nomadic way striking whomever they found in their path. If you were deeper in the Rockies in Wyoming for example they were extremely territorial each exploiting the turf and periodically trying to take over the one of their neighbours, he couldn't imagine the hell such thing, a never ending war like in the dark ages. Apparently, the place had been so mismanage over time that it seem the whole place had regress to past way of life to him.

An officer approached the 20 new soldiers present in the command post. David could see from his uniform that he was a lieutenant. He inspected a bit the men in front of him with a inquisite eye. He went directly to the subject.

"Young men our High Command gave 3 days ago the start to the Operation: Stainless, our goal are to make sure no Montanans Warlord crosses the border and if they do so that they are elimited swiftly. Each of you will be assign to a humvee patrol by the Caporal McIntyre. You will be given a map of your patrol area and you shall scout your road for any possible enemy presence. If you were to meet any warlords in the area, you are not to engage, you are to report and retreat back to the base and only fire if they strike at first. Any question?"

Nobody seem to have any so he answered

"Good now get to these Humvee, they don't pilot themselves"

All the soldier brushed off out of the command post and went outside, they could have seen them when they arrived, along with a couple of stationed tanks nearby, but those were already piloted. The inabilities to properly chart the strength of those warlords were much of a bother, it's seem like they were so many of them.

The soldier life had been relatively easy so far, he had just needed to get tougher after the initial shock, but he wondered if he would get to get tougher, the clouds of war were looming and nobody knew when and where the first bolt of lightning’s were going to strike. Maybe he would be first victim; maybe he would be the last one alive after the war.

He knew his position and his jobs without even having been told by the driver. It was a escort one, not the driver. His jobs was too strike back at the opponent if they were going to pull an attack, the Humvee didn't seem to have a gun on them so he would have to use his Diemaco C7 directly on them. In a way, he preferred that to a machine gun, as he always had been more precise and efficient using rifle than machine gun. No armoured resistance was expected, the warlords nomadic way had brought them to use motorcycle and old car rather than tank (in this part of country at least) one of the thing they looked the most was oil. They could put fire to an entire village, but still leave the local gas station in order to juice it out. One could ask how long it could last considering they had no real way to produce gas in the Rockies which gave a certain incertitude. The only answer David could find was "as only as they have bullet" which may be a long time, gun shops were also something they loved to loot. They even do the cliché of robbing bank (except maybe if some gold was in it) as no money was in use in the rockies.

The soldier all went in line in front of McIntyre to get their assign vehicle.


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The sky was darker than the sea after a super tanker had sunk. The Humvee was driving with it's light down so it wouldn't be noticed easily, they were also driving slowly, which reduced the sound of their drive. Luckily, both the driver and the escort had been provided night vision which had extremely facilitated their work.

The Man driving the vehicle was a fellow from Kingston he had never talk too before, His name was Lawrence Kydd, nice guy, he had tried to bring a little conversation by bringing how he felt about the place, but when he noticed that David just wasn't the talkative kind, he backed off. Anyway, with that darkness and their objective he made the logical choice to keep his focus on the road.

The two felt like they were walking in field were they knew they were a only landmine, they were not a lot of chance that would walk on it, but still the idea was enough to make you cautious about it. They had an "idea" of their enemy but did not know what it was going to look like. In more than one way, an idea can be bring more fear and incertitude in the heart of man than any image. The deserted road only added to the creep. Would they catch in an ambush? Would they be able to defend themselves if they were caught in an attack? Would they reach the camp?

David hated how he felt inexperience and nervous now. He knew that if he would be caught in the heat of the battle it would not all vanish away, but would his doubt make the enemy take the better of him before that moment he had sometime desired. The raw moment were even chaos is the only form and that only thing that shall decide its life or death would be pure blind luck.

While passing a small bridge passing under a dried up river, he was strangely comforted by something strange: the sight of the enemy. When Lawrence noticed too he stopped the vehicle right away. It was hidden in the dried up part of the river. It was too bulky just to be some a soldier. It looked more like a vehicle but for the form it looked more like some machine gun, it was hard to say because of the distance. Some blob separated itself from the structure, probably a gunner. Lawrence was quick to take the radio and signal that abnormality to the command post.

"CC here unit 94 we have spotted boogie near check point 18"

The voice of the operator came out of the radio

"Unit 94 can you identify it without getting closer"

"Negative, look like a machine gun or a AA battery from here, but we can't confirm"

"OK pull back to base we shall dispatch a unit to take care of it"

Suddenly, a big burst of light came out of the presume gun. It did not look at like anti-aircraft shot or simply bullet it was more like artillery fire. Soon other small burst could be seeing. Apparently, the place might have several artillery units in it. Shocked by what he saw

"They are artillery! I think they might be aiming at the base, were heading back to the base!"

[FONT=&quot]As he turned around to go back to the base they saw a good numbers of dark dressed man pointing m-16 in front of them at them and stopped right away


[/FONT] David felt frustrated and humiliated, even with his best efforts he had not been able to stop the apparent bombing of the camp, which might lead to the death of dozens of soldiers. He just hoped they could use the information Lawrence gave to destroy the artillery, but even thought they were nothing but darkness he could see the fire on them every now and then, he hoped something would happen that would change the tide of the fight. They might be still patrolling units if they were able to spot the first they might get attract and bit a little less dumb and take one the artillery man. That was a best-case scenario, but still, a somehow workable one in his head. At least he could not see if the artillery set fire to the camp. He could a tiny and dim green light near the closest "fire" apparently their opponent as well had night vision. He ask himself why use so much artillery against a defenceless camp (considering he had no direct way to strike back) guess they wanted to spread the soldiers around in a movement of panic so they could kill them more easily

He felt a bit humiliate by the cage he had been put him into, it was so small he had to crouch, he barely had space to breath properly, and the bar were too numerous and concentrate for him to slide his hand out. He did not know if he would be tortured. Not like he could have any information. He did not know why he had him taken prisoner and he could not stop thinking on the reasons why they had seemingly spared him.

He saw light appearing behind him, from the sound of it looked like a fire. He could see a bit of the person that was his warden as he was standing next to him. He had apparently a black leather uniform. There was a logo but he couldn't identify it. They did not seem to be anyone else to keep him. Seeking explanation

"Why are you keeping me"

"Well we have establish a camp a few miles from here, we need really could use some servant till the rusher force us out."

"Servant! There is no way I'm letting you this"

"We know, but it's not like it had stop us before"

He tried to push his cage on the side so that it would fall, but the little space he had to move had limited his ability to do it. When the "guard" had notice, he simply sited on the cage and started to read some magazine. David started to feel the cold of the night and his position numbing him, good thing the fire had help him get a bit of well needed heat. His chance of getting out of that cage seemed to be low, but maybe escape would be easier when they would try to make him their slave.

Unexpectedly, Fire shot were fired and the warden was put gun down. Was it finally the long awaited cavalierly? He could see two lights and a hear motorize. Something came out to examine the cage; he could see a pair of leather pants, not a good sign.


The confusion had overwhelmed his feeling of fear. Two minute ago, he was prisoner of some warlords group and now he had been "rescued" (at least he hoped to have be to) by another warlords group. Although when he thought of the position of his guard, he probably had been mistaken for some chair and he for vigil, making sure that the people operating the Artillery would not be interrupted (and apparently failing to do so). He had been lucky not failing to one kind that was practicing automatic execution which had gave him prospect of escape, it was statically improbable that he would be that lucky twice in such a small amounts of time. The person wearing the leather pant seem to have not noticed him or at least he was ignoring him, the lights of there motorcycle were not reaching him, and with all that darkness it was a very good reason not to notice him. He thought it would be better for him to just not move (which was easy considering his position) and not make a sound. He would just have to make his aborted tentative of evasion he had just done.

He did not move an inch from his current position, he probably only could 2 cm but anyway one breath too much and he would be spot. He was confident about his stealth ability as long as he trusted the darkness is chance were good of staying alive a least a few more minute. In order to keep his stress from making his breath he just stared at the black void he could see.

Out of nowhere, his cage was kick by the man wearing the leathers pant the impact was so hard than the tops of the cage opened and David body unfold itself on the ground, slightly in pain cause of how hard the impact was and also the numbness of his legs and arms. Making him more or less paralyse, a movement (like running away) would have been as painful as the headache he was having.

The man in leather pants approached him; he looked like his previous warden, a biker. He recognized the badge from an army instruction manual. They were call the "Pinkerton Runaway" They were using the same logo as the previous job, which led to amusing joke on the possibility that the "Pinkerton Guard" would actually sue them or go inside the Rockies just to wipe them off the map for stealing their name.

Their story was quite particular the agency had been engage to retrieve the daughter of a Great Lakes Billionaire would helped the agency to furnish itself in weapons and men (making it one of the strongest mercenaries organisation in North America) in exchange for making a dangerous expedition in the Rockies to find her. They had found, but they started to prefer living off the money-juicing people in the North-West (which what they had did several time) than to wait for their paychecks. So they became renegade anyway no one was going to go look for them.

Moreover, as far as it looks, things were far from being the brightest. Would they no end no end to his day misfortune? He had train himself to take abuse from his superior but would he be able to be able to take so much pressure overtime. He did not know when his misadventure would end but he sure hoped it would not end up with him dripping blood and full ledges. He tried to be a bit diplomatic, as he had no weapon. He stood and says:

“Hello, I’ll like to say I’m unarm and that I surrender.”


He could feel a motorcycle helmet covered the nagging of his «ennemy» even thought his face. He turned his head a bit toward the other bike

"Hey Derek we got ourselves a military"

For the second time today he was at the mercy of a group, he despised. Although he didn't know if midnight was pass it seemed for him that the day was never ending. He began to see this as a punishment from God for whatever Sin he might have done or whatever good action he had not done. He wondered if Lawrence had more luck. Now he saw the area he had seen hurl fire artillery fire, but not all the place. He could hear the cry of panic as the unprepared artillerymen were falling either under the bullets of the Runaway or simply the explosion of their instrument after a deadly rocket had hit them. He tried to stay focus on the clear threat in front of him. That man holds his life under his thumb, if he was not careful he would die. By watching more carefully he could see that he wasn't holding is gun at him, maybe out of arrongance or simply carelessness. Maybe if hurl himself at him he could take his gun and shoot the other one, they were only two bad case scenario, his direct opponent kill him before he have time to take the gun, he succeed into killing his opponent but manage to be shot by "Derek". He was sure his military training had giving enough speed, if he rolled the other one might assume he would be somewhere else and miss him while the light of his Motorcycle was clearly giving his position. It was hard to keep his face straight and keep the hand up while thinking such a strategy. Derek said

"What do you say we kill him?"


As the Helmet wearing guy pointed his assault rifle to him, David kicked the hand of the man so it would drop the weapon. David rushed to grab the weapon and pulled it. The band pulled the man while David was twisting the gun and gave several shot to the man. He then proceeds to raise the end of the gun and shoot the Biker. He took out the gun out of the dead man and went to the motorcycle. The shot had hit the visor and the helmet, he then turned took the ammo clips on Derek and pullet it in his pocket. He closed the lights of the motorcycle. He had no good way to pull the fire. Maybe the gun shots of those assaulting would cover he was better to make his best not to draw any attention. Maybe the fire was going to be over when someone was going to pass by. Anyway, he was going to run. He went on the motorcycle, he knew his only training in the matters was his high school days when he had tried to look cool in it, but he preferred that to walk in the middle of nowhere. His only chance was to go the base and hope that the artillerymen were bad at aim.

He didn't know what he was going to say if he find them alive and he didn't know what was he was going to do if the found them dead. Neither option seemed good, the best he could do was to try to remember the way he had take to get there. It was not very far from the place he had been capturing, the Warlords had taken his humvee before separating him from Lawrence and loosing him in the darkness. He did his best to follow the track the vehicle had leave hoping it would him to his base.


He had drive the entire night, the to follow the trace the car had leaved was a pain, if he missed a turn he lost track completely and with that half-full gas tank he had no time to loose. Good thing he apparently had not anyone pursuing him or any other warlords in the area. Maybe the forces had spread around and were cleaning the surrounding for the attack; with all the activity (and the artillery shot) they could have not stay there and do nothing. The beginning of Dawn was so horribly calm it made him grin his teeth.

Suddenly his motorcycle nearly crashed as it had hit a hole in the middle of road, sending him fly through the hair and land right on his helmet. The bike met so many other hole that it went in all different direct and kept crashing and getting up till it was no longer viable as a way transport and was only useful as scrap. Luckily, he didn't seem to be hurt in anyway. He took out the helmet; it was like the bike broke, you just couldn't see anything through the visor. He threw it away and it landed near the pile of junks he had just created. Apparently he had just felled on where a good number of artillery shells had fall, if that was all they had launch before getting beat Pinkertlon Runaway, the whole base was going to be safe. HE had no way he didn't know how much time they had pass to bomb the base. In addition, they might be old Rockies army artillerymen, trained to use them in a professional, not just some guy who wanted some buck in anyway possible. Things looked grim, He ask himself were he would go if the base were grill. They might be one village here, but they might be warlords, if they attack a thing like a military base is that it was threading on there plans, but A lot of people had flock out of the Rockies border and into the large cities because they were too crowded to be attack by the Warlords gang.

He looked on left side and saw holes like the one he was walking through right now. They were much farther but seemed to be nearly perfectly aligned with was the he walked on. He could see far away a little black spot very far away. It was the base! He ran quickly, they were still a lot of distance but it still was he had been looking for hours. As he kept getting closer a little flash, seem to be on the spot. He tried not to think so much, but maybe if he lowered his expectation he would it would reduce the probable disappointment and augment his joy.

By keeping his chin up while in run (like he did back at the boot camp), he tripped when he felled in the artillery hole. It was semi-comedic as they were pretty much a dozens of them and his rush kept made him slips, where three armed warlords had not been able to shoot a bullet, some stupid holes on his way (something he had few thousands time on the road) had been able to scratch and bump his skin a little every where.

He had finally reached the base, and as if he had expected it was all that a wreck, nearly burned to the grounds, without no visible survivor, but also no visible corpses. That was weird were would they go, he started to think. It was a good idea to settle here and try to salvage whatever he could, mostly try to find a radio or any kind of communication system. He started to check around for anything of value.


While he had not been that suprise to see the base wreck, he had been very disappointed by his search for object. The foods and water that was stock had been expose to the exterior for 6 hours. Some of it of it had stayed intact, mostly bottle water (which he was grateful not all reserve had been destroy) and some weird ration, he couldn't say really what it was (like pretty much any military-grade food or just simply cafeteria food) but it seem less dirty and rotten than the rest of the stuff. Apart from that stuff he had seen better food (probably officer stuff) but it had fall on the ground and didn't want any food that had stayed on the ground for a period he had estimate of being more than 6 hours. Sure, it look like a ham you had put curry on it but he did not believe the stomach craps, vomiting and possible death were worth it.

He checked around the cap and saw circle on tire track all over the place, probably bikers, yet again. Busier with destroying the base than to take what could be precious supply. He knew that base had been put all over the borders and that it would not go investigate for long. If he ate one meal, he could last at least week or two. He had enough water to last quite a least a month, he just wished that he had somewhere to stock it all. He did not know long he was going to last there, maybe a week or two. To walk the next base was not an option as he had no idea where it was and had only an idea of where the heck it might be. He only had a card of his patrol road, that he couldn't have use to direct himself the last night cause he had no idea whatsoever where he was. Suddenly an idea came at him, the command post was full of maps and diagrams, if they had not not been burn he might use them to use.

He quickly went to burn wreckage of the command post; he mostly looked for a regional one. The one he had saw of the entire lines of defence stretching on the prairies a good deal of the nation was pretty much useless, he needed to find something very localize just to know if there was any Base or town near. Their was a possibility they would be a ghost town because of the evacuation and panic, but still they could be some power source, whatever a mean of communicating that's all he needed and beside that ghost town still might have more supply than just that junkyard.

He finally found a little local map with a red pin on it, he presumed from that was the location of the command post; he scanned it to see if there was anything worthy of attention, that place was mostly deserted. He had to take a bit of the dirt off to finally reveal a little town call Meredith Fall. Seem like your average redneck hangout but anyway, he preferred having an ample storage accessible and a place full of hideout than some to be expose and starving. The town was located in the bottom left part of the map

He quickly made his way, going south as the map indicate, by looking at it he kept walking all days and all night without taking much rest it might be able to do it in three or four days. He just hoped something like rain would slow down is advance he didn't want to be stuck here, maybe he would meet other soldiers who had refuge themselves in the town, but since the last event's had been nothing but a repetition of Murphy’s law, he tried to build no expectation for himself


This is a pretty good body of writing. But it's never good when the first line has grammar problems to the point where it's hard to read: "For the first time in many months, David Mann was asking himself what the heck he had joined the army, but found himself pretty stupid to express those doubt right now."
Maybe "what the heck he had joined the army for" or "why the heck he had joined the army" could fix it... There's more mistakes like this throughout the writing too, which makes it a little irksome to read. Interesting concept though.


(heh sorry I've wrote this part a while ago and now I'm just too lazy to write them back)

After three days of non-stop walk, he finally saw his destination, Meredith Falls, he now understood why it had that name despite the fact they were no waterfall whatsoever in the area. They were than a very high cliff above the town. He elaborates a theory from in which a certain felled from it at the moment of the creation, showing an extremely good spot where to build a town. From his distance, he could not see any activity anyway, it was a village more than a town. Maybe it was following the 9 to 5 way of life where all the men leave for mine or factory and the wives stay home. Anyway, he only cared about the town and all the possible supply he could find it not the people that lived in it.

He runs all that he could to the village, a little more careful this time. Luckily the road heading to the town was hole less. It seem that place was effectively deserted from the scare of attacks, but apparently the Warlords did not pass by it (it could be tell from the lack of damage the town had). Well as he could see, the road ended after it had finish going through the town. It was apparently at the end of civilise world. The kind Places where you have to be born in it to be willing to live there or just simply desperate like him.

He ran to the building closest and banged on the door, just to see if it might collapse. He then preferred to just put his legs and give a devastating kick. When the door felled on the ground he could see the kitchen and went directly to fridge. The inner light was telling that the town was still having electricity, but apparently, all the occupant had took their food with them. He did not loose hope, they were still some houses left and he was sure that the town had some kind of store. Come to think of it, he was better to check that store.

While closing the door of the fridge, he noticed a radio on the top of it. He opened it up to see if they was anything interesting, it was a bit blurry, probably that was radio station in Pacifica. The animator talk in a calm and slow way "Yesterday, Pierre Breton, Premier of Quebec declared the independence of his Province, Prime Minister John Bennett called the secession illegal and state that the proper action shall be take place." He then thought "craps", if Canada was about to invade Quebec a good deal of the force send on the Rockies border would be taken, therefore his chance of rescue would be diminish largely.

The news anchor continued, "In the North-East, The Kingdom of New England claimed that New York Army Units bombed the outskirt of the city of Danbury in Connecticut. New York president, Rudy Guliani, claimed that the King "con the world" and faked the incident in order to produce a war with New York. He later claimed that his country would be ready to face any aggression.

Then he started to hear a strange rolling sound, He went out of the house with still the radio in the hand. They were dozens of tanks that came down the road and coming right into the town. He noticed the green tree motive those were Pacifican tanks. Who could have drive them so far into the Rockies?


One of the places all the teenagers in North America want to go is Pacifica. Even David had considered going there during his high school years. In Pacifica, only the most oblivious law were enforce, nearly all the drugs were legal (and were sold at the pharmacy) and you were pretty much free to do anything you want. The major downsize were the high cost of living and the crappy weather, but some had find a way to counter that by organizing wet t-shirt dance party (clearly not local). Personally the thing he loved the more about Pacifica was the Kung Fu movies that were a national specialty, he had entire library of them. He had tried his best to learn Jeet Kune Do from them. He knew that was teach in the Pacifican army as a way of unarmed combat, he loved that form of fighting so much he considered that every soldier in North America should learn it. A lot of oriental culture had integrated itself to the West Coast. Mostly compose of Chinese immigrant that had flown their homeland to escape the conquest. They were also Japanese who had run because they had made some form of criticism of the power in place had brought a wide range of Japanese in exile. (But the certain liberalisation that had brought the new emperor, Akihito, in the recent decades made that numbers dimmest).

Knowing Pacifica was friendly to Canada and that if he did not act like an idiot, they would help. He stood in their way and dropped his gun and raise is hand. They seem to continue anyway, good thing they were in safe distance now. He hoped they would not get suddenly aggressive if he was just a worm on a fishing line. If he would have been an enemy he would have his opponent damn smart, but right now, he found himself damn stupid to have choose to surrender. The tankmen did not seem to aim him in anyway, would they decide to simply to crush under theirs tons of armours. He was sure he was assuming to be dead by his bunch of guys. Would anyone look for his body? (Actually, he could think that if he runs over by a few dozens tanks even if they found his body he rather thinks that identifications would be a little hard)

The tanks finally stopped few kilometres in front of him. He was clearly still alive. He then started to hear some metallic sound it was far but if he looked the last range of tanks, right in the middle of it a Hatch opened and blue navy uniform wearing (the standard of Pacifica officers), red hair extremely good looking woman. She was probably the one under the scare he just had. The 30-year-old woman was clearly smoking a cigar and seems a bit sassy in her attitude. When she reaches a good distance she threw her cigars away, took her pistol out, and pointed him at him, it was much less frightening the next time. She clearly announce her intention

"My name is General Kimberly Ann Possible, now tell me a good reasons for me not to shoot you"

"My name is David Mann and I'm a foot soldier in the Canadian army, my numbers is 929391 and if you want to take me prisoners, I won't mind I was already two times this weeks"

"Well you know what they say what happen twice happen thrice" she stick his tongue at him, smiled and as quickly as lighting had was in front of him with his gun on his forehead.


She took out the gun away and laugh for a few second.

"Psyche! I was just to check if your buddy would come out of the bush and start to shoot me"

She gave him a smirk. It was now he asked himself, how Pacifica army force could have let that person be general. Probably out of the box way of thinking, along with desperation for superior officer as nearly no one in Pacifica wanted to join the army. Sure, we can guess that is a nation that like the name use pacifism (ok it's more because it border the pacific, but you get the idea), a low level general was more or less having the same duty as a colonel. Luckily nobody was really the enemy of Pacifica as the nation had cultivate the delicate art of being friendly with everyone...except maybe with Deseret, but to be friend with that Nation was harder than to take a bath naked in a sulphuric acid and to have a clean skin after. Deseret was the biggest dictature in North America, here it was not a single leader that held the power, it was the society who was oppressive. When the United States crumbled in the 30's it was extremely basic in it is way to restrain liberty, only alcohol and tobacco were illegal. Overtime, non-Mormons loosed their rights (and even those claimed born and raise loosed their right if they were consider unfaithful). One of it's most renown "tradition" was polygamy, the problem is that a lot of lower class citizen could not get marry cause Patriarch preferred to wait for a rich guy to come request holy matrimony with her daughter. The council of twelve (who was the executive arm of the nations) countered the situation by proclaiming anyone who would do his military service for 15 years would get a wife and if it was done for twenties years it would get a second one. That had made the Nauvoo Legion one of the biggest armed forces in North America, Desert was the Anti-thesis of Pacifica, the last one had manage to get out of war by not-being a threath and friendly relationship, while desert managed to get out of war by isolationism and keeping a strong army so no one would mess with it.

Come to think of it, he was speaking to a superior officer, that was a very good way to know what had happen to the man in his base.

"Did you met any other Canadian soldiers along your way?"

"Nope, although I have learnt quite a lot of them were evacuated by the air, because of "Strategic re-deployment". I thought at first they were scare cause one their base had been trash by artillery, but in fact they are in a civil right now, heh, if you ask me that 72 hours long line of defence was pretty useless we should have clean sweeps that place at the moment that stupid power plant got down."

he shrugged clearly not really caring about what she might think about that tactical choice. Although he could be in agreement that so far all the strategies against the Warlords had been pretty useless so far and because of it he was lost in the middle of Montana.

"Do you know a way I could get to a Canadian base nearby?"

"Weren't you listening they evacuated!"

"Well then what can I do?"

"I don't know stick with us we might have an extra-room "

"Thank you Ma'am"

He was surprise by the "kindness" she had express to him. He wondered what kind of woman she was on the battlefield and a little bit if she liked him.

(Ok I know the general name Possible but you see that univers was develop a little while ago on Alternate history board when one mention a general Possible, for some reason I felt the urge of using it))