Awareness of the true inner self


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Would anyone here like to discuss "awareness of the true inner self" ?

I ask only that disruptor's do not bring negative viewpoints into this thread.

This thread will be about "the greater understanding" as it is described by many of our world religions starting as far back as Kabbalah to todays "Church of Oneness".

I would like to welcome all that wish to participate and I hope that we can all learn something from each other along the way.


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I'm not sure if I understand the question. But, I believe that Christianity is the only following that teaches the inner self is wretched and sinful.
"For I am crucified with Christ. It is not I that live, but Christ within me." Other religions teach that you can find peace with God by cleaning up your inner self. Basicly working out your rightousness. Is that what you refer to as greater understanding? I really don't know - a lot of what you refered to was foreign to me.


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I have never heard the quote, "Christianity is the only following that teaches the inner self is wretched and sinful".
If anything, it is the mind is wretched and sinful, not the true inner self.
Think of your inner self as your life essence. Some prefer to use more traditional terms such as "soul" or "spirit".
The spirit is pure. It can not be anything other than pure because it is a part of God and God is pure. The spirit does not sin and it has no sin. Only the mind and body can sin.
Awareness is the goal. Awareness can bring you peace, happiness and free you of judgment. We achieve this through a practice called "detachment". Detachment is much like stepping outside and looking back in to see what really is and isn't there.