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Avicii concert gets deadly


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've never heard of the drug Molly.

Sounds like drugs and the fact the place was hot and crowded was the problem. This has been going on for ages and probably won't stop. At least all the medical emergencies were minor at the TD Garden.


Problematic Shitlord
What I think is hilarious, is the article's agenda is loud and clear by mentioning Molly with no evidence whatsoever pointing to it. Let's scare everybody up with the Molly angle again!

Seriously it's not a news story. Concerts, especially dance concerts get nuts with the closeness of people, drug use, and heat. It's not a good combination and there are a number of drugs that could cause people to develop symptoms such as passing out, vomiting, exhaustion, etc.

The real story is how shitty TD Garden security is. As someone who has been to TD Garden multiple times for sports, concerts, wrestling, etc, I can tell you security has never been something I've felt is very tight. If they were patting people down properly or checking bags, I bet they catch a lot more drugs than last night.