Avenue Q


rainbow 11!
Has anyone seen Avenue Q? I would LOVE to go see it, but so far I'm limited to youtube videos. But from what I've seen it's hilarious.

"The internet is for porn! The internet is for! Grab your dick and double click for porn, porn, porn."

What are some of your favorite songs?

I love the Girlfriend from Canada, Everyone is a little bit racist, The Internet is for porn, and If You Were Gay.


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I've never seen them, but I have a burned CD somewhere. They're pretty hilarious. I like the racist one. There's also one where they have mad sex, but I don't remember the name.


rainbow 11!
lol Seriously!? I so wish I could see them. I love the racist song as well. "Those French are assholes."

Edit: I found the song. O.O


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i live in NYC and have yet to see this and i've been wanting too...its hysterical from what i've heard from people who've seen it


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I LOOVEE AQ. Haha some of my friends even call me Kate-monster.

It's completely hilarious live, but I have to admit it's not much more than the soundtrack. There's a little dialog in between songs but really not much.


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I am going to see it in two weeks, I will let you know what its like :) I can't wait have been wanting to see it for soo long!!


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Finding this post just completely made my life.
I have yet to see Avenue Q, I had tickets a few months back to go see it in New York, but I ended up getting really sick and couldn't go!

I know the soundtrack off by heart...it's inspired the way I live my life. :nod:


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Everyone's a little bit racist AND If you were gay. It's SUCH a classic.
About a week ago, a friend and I were on a mini roadtrip, driving down the high way and blasting that as loud as possible with all the windows down; so when we finally got to the town we were heading for and stopped at a stoplight, we forgot how loud it was and got some pretty rude stares for singing along to every line of a song about being gay...explictly gay. It was fantastic! :D

OH and purpose is a great song for college students.


rainbow 11!
I love If You Were Gay! My friends and I used to sing it during lunch all of the time.

Especially since I'm the token lesbian of the group lol

I also love It Sucks to be Me. And I agree, that is a great song for college students. Also, you are not allowed to leave GF.