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Discussion in 'Art & Creative' started by Blitz, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Blitz

    Blitz Guest

    Hey, I would like to request a sig and avatar. :D

    I want either a 50x50 or 100x100 Vincent Valentine (ff7 or dirge of cerberus) for the avatar, and a 400x100 sig with the same character. I would prefer red and black but other colors are fine too. I want "Blitz" written on both.

    Thanks in advanced for the help!

    **Since noone has responded to my request I have attempted my own. If you have a better one, I'll take it though! :D

  2. SuiGeneris

    SuiGeneris blue 3

    I'll take a stab at it when I get home, and see what I can get for you. No promises on how good it'll be though :)
  3. Blitz

    Blitz Guest

    No probs! Can't wait to see it!

    If you made that sig that your using, I bet it's gonna be awesome! :D

    Oh ya, thanks in advanced!
  4. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Wow if you did that Sui you did a great job because that sig is really good, I like how Blitz is animated, good job.
  5. Blitz

    Blitz Guest

    XD Nah, I made that one, Thanks!

    I didnt really do much work besides the animation though, the actual image was a wallpaper so I just resized it and that was my sig!
  6. SuiGeneris

    SuiGeneris blue 3

    Haha no I didn't make that.

    I said I'll try and make one for him; when I get the time. So he has more options, because no one responded to this. Lol.
  7. moose

    moose O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!

    Can i give this a shot?
  8. Blitz

    Blitz Guest

    definitely! Sorry for the late response, I was not home for spring break.

    Thanks in Advanced †moose†
  9. moose

    moose O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!

    do you have pics? and umm hehe this will run ou 300 points. but thats easy to get. just make 6 threads. and youul have it
  10. Blitz

    Blitz Guest

    Creds huh? well maybe in the future then guy.

    I'll stick with these for now. Thanks anyways.

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