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Spring - Because it's in September and it's my birthday in September!
Summer - Because it's summer, beach and long sleepless nights, gotta love that & it's school holidays, just tops it off.


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Autumn, definitely.. I love the cool air, the color of the sky, the apple and pumpkin harvest, being able to wear jackets again, the fact that annoying kids out and about during summer have gone back to school, the color of the trees, Halloween, that the days get shorter, both mine and my love's birthday, my reasons go on and on.
After Autumn I like Spring, then Winter and last for a reason.. Summer. Bleh, glad summer's over.


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I'm a big-time summer girl. I love the long days. My family is so busy, we often don't see each other that much even though we all share the same house. For some reason we get out together and sit around outside on those long summer evenings and just yak.

I think all four seasons have their own special charm, though. Autumn still has fine sunny days but the nights are cool so I sleep better. I still get excited with the first snowfall and the first heavy snowfall, and spring is such a delight with everything bursting into bloom. I'm not sure I would enjoy living anywhere that doesn't have four clear seasons like it does here in BC. Not as much, anyway.


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EXACTLY! :D We get 3 brains-off months of zero school here! Summer roolz! I just wish we could do summer and snow monsters but I guess that wouldn't work.


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My favorites seaons in correct order are:
Autumn first, then spring, then summer, then winter.
I really hate the hot part of summer, but I enjoy what all can be done during the summer.
And I really shouldn't complain about winter, because where I live, we rarely get snow.....and if we do, it comes mostly in January or February, and only an inch or so at that~