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Automatic vs Manual Transmision


Registered Member
Which kind of transmission do you prefer?
Automatic or Manual -
And Why?

Myself, I prefer manual, and I drive a manual. I prefer actually having to do something as I drive, have a bigger input into the journey than just sitting like a plum steering. Also, I like the ability to change at a whim to meet the demands of the road -

I think if I stepped into an automatic the lack of a clutch pedal would seriously bother me.

What do you drive?
What do you prefer, or think you'd prefer if you have no experiential basis for this?


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I have to say automatic because I don't know how to drive manual nor have I ever attempted to. I will stick to automatic because it's easier to drive.


New Member
I can drive a manually but I prefer auto since I am lazy and not that into cars to care lol.


I'm serious
I drive a manual transmission and I definitely prefer this. I like to have better control over my acceleration especially. I too feel like I get bored when driving an automatic. I have driven an automatic a few times, and whilst it's good for peak time traffic, I was bored to death with it. I actually really enjoy driving, so manual lets me enjoy it even more.


Embrace the Suck
I haven't driven a standard in years but I'm sure I could if I had to. I prefer automatic and have driven automatic for a long time now. I do miss driving standard at times especially for speed, but I've become so accustomed to automatic after driving it for so long now.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Until a few years ago I always drove a standard and when I would have to drive an automatic I would try to clutch and shift out of habit. Sometimes that didn't work out too well. Now though I drive an automatic and probably won't go back to a standard because its easier not to have to shift.


Well-Known Member
I definitely prefer to drive an automatic, I can drive a manual but I don't like having to think about when to shift gears.

If I'm working on fixing the car then no doubt I want to be working on a manual. A manual is WAY easier to fix than an automatic.

My brother drives a manual Jeep all the time. Occasionally when he'll drive my car he goes for the clutch and then the whole car jerks for a second when he realizes he doesn't have one. :lol: (it doesn't help that the PRND is on the floor of my car)


rainbow 11!
I have a ford focus, automatic. I have never driven a stick and don't know how. It'd be nice to learn, but no one is willing to teach me. I don't know why. I'm very careful with cars. I've had one accident and one ticket and the ticket was for the accident.


I ♥ Haters
I can and do drive both. My white modded Sunfire is an automatic and my purple Camaro is a stick shift. My older brother, who pretty much taught me how to drive, insisted that I learn both in case of an emergency. I personally prefer an automatic over a stick. I live in the valley, and it's pretty tedious to drive a stick with all the hills we have.


It's not me, it's you.
I prefer automatic. I once learned how to drive a manual transmission, but it's been so long ago that I don't even remember.