Automatic or Standard?


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Do you drive an automatic or standard? Which do you prefer?

I currently drive an automatic because I can't drive stick. Since I'm a brand, shiny new driver with just a permit, I'm nervous enough with remembering to go the speed limit, remembering to push the blinker lever down to turn my left blinker on, and trying not to freak out every time I see a cop. I don't think I could handle clutching along with that.

Since I one day hope to own a Mustang, I will learn how to drive stick on day, just once I'm a more experienced and much less nervous driver.


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I have a standard. Usually I prefer one, but when you're stuck in a traffic jam they're kind of a pain in the ass.

They're kind of fun once you get the hang of it.


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Hi ya.

Well if I could still drive it would be a skick for me..IMO automatics are for first tmers or ppl who sit in traffic alot.

Besides you can't go Bajaing in an Automatic.


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Manual driver here. My first car was automatic. Second car was manual. Never went back to auto.

You can control your car more, get better gas mileage, easier to work on, and cheaper.

Only drawback is when you have a car making over 900hp you want an auto because they are stronger.


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I can drive either. I prefer a stick though, but at the moment am driving an automatic.

Those are good points Sephy. You forgot the "fun factor" as well. :)
I drive an automatic. :|

It's not that I don't know how to drive stick, I don't, but I could probably learn.


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I drive both.

When I'm not at the helm of my medium FTL cruiser keeping the earth safe from hostile aliens, I prefer to drive stick in the obsolete fossil fuel motorized vehicles.


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I can drive either. I prefer a stick though, but at the moment am driving an automatic.

Those are good points Sephy. You forgot the "fun factor" as well. :)
Ah yes and the fun factor. I love dumping the clutch from a start and popping it going into fun corners (but don't you do that :p).

Plus I made my shifter longer (for drifting reasons) and it has longer throws. And when you're moving a lever and shifting the car yourself it feels more like you're driving the car instead of just riding in it. I love driving, and usually whenever we go somewhere (no matter who's car we're taking) I drive lol.


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My first vehicle was a 1995 Ford Escort LX. It had the body parts off of a GT, and the engine out of a 1996 base model Escort. Man, that car was a tank. It was a five speed.

My second was a 2002 Dodge Dakota SXT. Much nicer than the Escort, but a huge gas hog, and I allowed my dad to trade it in so he could get a new van and I wouldn't have a payment. It was a five speed.

Now I drive a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport with primer spots, rust, and nearly 200,000 miles. But, there's no payment and it's decent on gas. It's an auto, of course, and us uglier than dog shit, but it was free and cheap on insurance.


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Automatic all the way. I'm not that great a driver. I like to relax when I drive. I don't have the energy or awareness to do stick shift, although it apparently is the "cool" thing to do.

Even though, the mileage is better with a manual, I'd rather buy more gas than get in a wreck.