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automated insurance qoute..


New Member
i recently bought my insurance with netquote and i was preety amazed with their quote system...did save a lot too.
you just choose what inusurance type u want to buy, plug in some information and WHOAALAA! the system willl try to match you information to companies with services that most closely meet your insurance needs. Those selected insurance companies process your request and contact you via email, fax, or phone with a quote...isnt that great!

if your planning to buy one, i suggest you visit them.
just click here to go to their site: netquote.comm

:D :nod: :rolleyes:

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Hi m3rryjane, I feel the need to put my insurance hat on here for a second.:D

Yes, buying insurance online is nice because of the time you can save. Now that's the upside. The downside is that most people who buy it really have no idea what they ended up with.
I can't tell you how many horror stories I've heard about people getting in an accident and then finding out what kind of coverage they have. For instance, a lot of times a lower quote means lower liability limits. If your sued by someone would you rather have it paid by the insurance company, or have it biting you in the back end for the rest of your life? That $5 your saving each month really might not be worth it.
When you have a claim, will you be able to find an office nearby where you can go in and talk to someone, or will it all be handled over the phone by a bunch of rude strangers?
If you own a home or rent an apartment, most companies offer multi-line discounts.
I cannot believe how many people are walking around these days with inadequate insurance, it's so sad that they don't find out until they have a claim.


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I found one of those type of sites recently, and just decided to try and see what kind of quote I could get and see if was better than what I already had. All of the quotes I got were the same amount or more, and they kept emailing and calling me trying to buy insurance. I just wanted a quick quote, not called and emails for the next 2 weeks.


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Yeah, what he said! I'll pass on the online quote thingie. Might be somebody trying to be helpful, might be somebody trying to pimp a site.