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I was looking for something today and came across a letter I sent to a legenday baseball player. His name was Mel Harder and he passed away a few years ago. I had his signed all star card but lost it. I'm sure it's lying around somewhere. This is what the letter said:

Dear Nang.
Sorry for the delay to answer your letter. I enjoyed the letter with photo of you and your friend Stephen.
Yes I was called "Master Melvin" during my early years of my career.
I hope you continue to be a baseball fan and will enjoy the game.
Thanks again for your note and my best wishes to you.
Mel Harder

I just looked at the date on the letter and it was written on 5/2/05. That was 10 years ago! I don't know if the letter is of any value but I'm glad I have it. I also have a signed ball from the Cleveland Indians team back in 94. Not sure if that ball is of any value either. That should be my next ebay auction. The autograph ball that started it all. :lol: