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Autographed Picture Collection


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I have a mini Ohio State helmet signed by Troy Smith.


Son of Liberty
I got a pic of Rick Nash from the Canada Cup... its signed by him. My cousin got me that for Christmas this year.


I have quite a few autographed hockey cards such as. . . . . . .

Ed Belfour
Gordie Howe

just to name a few


Sally Twit
I have a screwed up piece of paper somewhere with Terry Nutkin's signature on it.

UK'ers should know who I'm talking about...


Likes snow
Most of my autographs are DVDs signed by the major Voice Actors, though one of my prize dvds is a special case. It's signed by two of the three commentators (I'm working on the last one). None of which had anything to do with the show other than the commentary. I also have quite a bit of art signed by the original artist.


I sent Malkin a card to sign about 5 days ago and I am waiting for it to return.

I will send about 20 more cards and I hope the get signed


yellow 4!
I have a signed Ronnie O'Sullivan poster. :bow::wub::hyper:

The only other autographs I have are Disney characters.. I spose they don't count.. :shifteyes::lol:


Supreme System Lord
I have a signed John Virgo programme from when I saw him at the Theatre, Mum was well chuffed!!

I also have Judith Charmers from when she was randomly walking down my school corridor.

A signed John Ryan Captain Pugwash book. I'm waiting for him to die so it becomes valuable.