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Autographed Picture Collection


I have an autograph picture collection consisting of about 300 or so autographed pictures of music stars, TV stars, Movie stars, sports stars, autograph hockey cards and misc. people.

If you want to ask me if I have a certain autographed picture I let you know if I have it or not.

My 2 PRIZED autographed pictures are of KISS and Red Skelton :nod:


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Damn that's pretty cool!

All I have is a signed dollar bill by David Draiman (singer of Disturbed). He signed it at a concert in SC for me.


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I see a fellow collector is in our little group.....

I have mostly Autographed Comics, movie scripts and props, autographed by misc Horror and Scifi actors, and comic artist, but my most prized autograph has to be Tommy Chong's.
I asked him if he wouldn't mind autographing a Hundred dollar Bill for me when I met him at DIA a few years back.

I have it framed. :nod:

Who is your most valueable? And who is you oldest? And what got you started?

I know....I know....All these questions.... but you said to ask
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i have 2 signed-to-me photos of NY Ranger Adam Graves as well as a few cards signed by him, a puck signed by him, his starting line-up signed and a jersey signed by him.....benefits of becoming friends with him

a NY Ranger signed puck from Brian Leetch, and two others i can't see right now.

a stick signed by NY Ranger Mark Messier, a stick signed by Eric Lecroix, and game used stick from Vincent Damphouse...given and signed for me at a game

a photo of the 1980 gold medal olympic hockey team signed by the whole team.

i got more, but thats what i remember right now


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I only have one autographed picture. It's of Jeremy Bullock, which I got signed by him in person several years ago.

Jeremy Bulloch

He's best known for playing Boba Fett in the original Star wars Trilogy. (Episodes V and VI) He also had a cameo in Episode III.

I have a few others but I don't even remember who they are so they probably aren't worth much. ;)


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I have signed baseballs by Boog Powell (3rd base for the Orioles in the 70's, hall of famer), Cal Ripken Jr., Al Oliver (some baseball player), and a few random others.


living on the border
I have a baseball signed by Bobby Doerr

And some cards that I got from TTM signed by:

Alan Trammell (my favorite baseball player of all time)
Larry Bowa
Dick Williams, who also included a signed photo and on the back he wrote back to my letter, this is what it says:

Dear Ms. Williams,

It was pure heaven to manage that '67 Red Sox Team. Being my first year to manage a major league team and being in a great pennant race. The days of that last week all run together. I'm as proud as a person can be - even today, 40 years later, to be associated with those great players.

Best Wishes,
Dick Williams

^^^I was wicked excited to get that one back b/c the 67 red sox are my favorite red sox team. And Dick Williams is my favorite manager to all time, I hope he gets into the HOF. I even went out and bought the news paper from the day that they won the pennant this summer. I screamed so much when I opened this^^^

then there is also:

Gary Hancock
Bob James
Bobby Meacham
Bill Stein
Bill Virdon
Tom Niedenfuer
Barry Bonnell
Art Howe
David Murphy - 2 custom cards a 1 actual card
Jim Thome - though I think that he may use a ghost signer

Hoping for an autograph makes checking the mail fun, Although its kinda depressing b/c I still have like 70 cards out there that I probably wont get back, and like 10 of them at Red Sox players...that I sent to fenway park...twenty minutes away. I know that I wont get Damon back, I kind of roasted him in my letter then told him that I still respected him as a player...lol..., I'm about to start sending out for TTM's again soon

any other autographs that I have are certified on baseball/football/hockey cards:


Jonathan Papelbon Rookie Card
Don Larsen
Bobby Richardson
Wil Nieves RC x2..same card
Glen Perkins RC
Brandon Wood RC
Erix Chavez- its so cool its on a bat barrel
Matt Linstrom RC
Carlos Quentin RC
Taylor Buchholz RC x2 same card
Brandon Medders RC-- whoever the hell he is
Mike Jacobs RC
Ben Johnson RC
Eric Reed RC

minor league cards:

B.J. Szymanski
Mark Reed
Brian Burres x2. same card
Josh Papelbon
Jose Vaquedano
Dallas Brandon
Eric Hurley

Ben Walter....I need to work on my bruins collection badly

Leon Hall RC
Isaiah Stanback RC
Joe Cribbs

some of these cards are numbered low
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