"Author Reveals “The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games”"

Author Reveals “The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games” — Open Education
An interview with Dr. Cheryl Olson,
author of Grand Theft Childhood(...)

Dr. Olson takes a head-on approach to challenging the core beliefs of educators like myself. Acknowledging the complexity of the issue, I was very impressed by the fact that Dr. Olson’s work does not attempt to either simplify the question or the answer.

We present our interview here and then follow it with some of the statements often held as universal truths regarding this issue but that are instead deemed as myths by Olson and her co-author, Dr. Lawrence Kutner.


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Not a bad article. Pretty open minded. It's interesting that some of the evidence she mentions actually puts more of the blame on violent movies than violent videogames.


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I always felt that the violent people (who commit acts which gets them on the news) tend to gravitate to the violent games. People, particularly the press, seem to forget that the whole point of video games is to entertain a person. That's it. Just entertainment.

Frankly, if someone does something because it was in a game, a movie, or a book, then there was probably something wrong with the person to begin with. During one of my Criminal Justice classes, we were told about a boy who killed his sister, chopped her up and hid the pieces. When asked why he did it, he said that the "bitch needed to die". When asked where he got the idea on how to hid the body he said "CSI".

But CSI is such a highly respected show, how can anyone be influenced negatively by it? *please not the major sarcasm in that last line*


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Then there's the kid who decapitated his friend with a cleiver because he saw it in manhunt. But that kid must've ahd deep-rooted psychological problems, or something. Here's the news, media freaks: Playing GTA doesn't make the nation's youth go out on killing rampages. They tried blaming Doom for The Columbine Massacre but that's obviously a big load. Assholes.
I don't know - do people play guitar hero to feel good? Do people play GTA4 to feel good about killing people? Imo, the entire discussion is silly - we look down on anger and rage in every form. Any excessive display of emotion is crazy. But cold, calculated killing and locking everything up, that's the best and most sought after ability there is.

Now that's sick.