Australia considers mass killings of camels

SYDNEY — Thousands of camels in Australia's remote Outback could be killed by marksmen in helicopters under a government proposal aimed at cutting down the population of the havoc-wreaking creatures.

First introduced into Australia in the 1840s to help explorers travel through the Australian desert, there are now about 1 million camels roaming the country, with the population doubling every nine years.

They compete with sheep and cattle for food, trample vegetation and invade remote settlements in search of water, scaring residents as they tear apart bathrooms and rip up water pipes.

Last month, the federal government set aside 19 million Australian dollars ($16 million) for a program to help slash the population. Besides sending in sharpshooters in helicopters and on foot, officials are considering proposals to turn some of the creatures into tasty treats such as camel burgers.
I like the last part with turning them into "camel burgers". lul

Funny part of the story:
"If I was a camel, I'd prefer to just get it in the head."
Source: The Associated Press: Australia considers mass killings of camels

I don't see a problem with them killing a portion them off. Just as long as they the camels body for something such as food I'm fine with it.


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This has been a plan for awhile now, to start culling them, there is just too many of them and they have become a nuisance.


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Didn't Australia have a problem with rabbits at one time? What did they do then? Or are they still roaming the country freely?


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Here's what I have to say.

note: I've hit my FIRST answer, which I decided was unserious enough to warrant possible moderation from the modsquad =, infracts, etc., in spoiler tags, so as not to bring about my own demise.

Aussie's, killing things that annoy us has been a proud American tradition for far longer than you've even existed! you've stolen quite enough from us, from your accent to the first letter of your country/continent's name. speaking of which, what the hell is that, being a whole continent? you'd think that North and South America would be two PARTS of a larger America, but noooo, we still have to share with Canada and Mexico, where they speak not American, but Canadian and Mexican. and don't even get me started on SOUTH America, because being an American I'm not allowed to care about any south american country, solely because their nombre uno export is soccer, a sport Americans care nothing about because Football shall always be the patron sport of locker jocks and the cheerleaders who date them in our highschools. see also, Hoagie sandwiches.

back to my point. Stop stealing our time honored traditions and grow some of your own!

in all seriousness though, if the government sees the NEED to kill all these camels via helicopter shootins and mandatory-attendance barbeques, who but PETA has the right to pretend they have the power to stop them?

of course, a more humane alternative would be to send them to Saudi Arabia. because lord knows they could use another million camels down there to tow their Bentley towncars when they break down from all the sand in their V8 supercharged engines.

which, incidentally, have been retrofitted not to run on oil, because that's the commoner's fuel. no, they've fitted them to run on actual molten gold, as opposed to the BLACK gold they seem to have so much of.

Meanwhile, if they want to shoot them from helicopters, make sure you get Sarah Palin on that, because from the air a camel looks very much like a wolf, I've been told. by myself. right now as I write this.

and I guess what I'm trying to say is I've had no human contact for a weekend and I've been watching a lot of John Stewart, with a side of Stephen Colbert.

hold me.

serious, official answer: Australia can do what they want. just try to keep Peta from finding out about this. you could also ship them all to Saudi Arabia for the more humane approach, but really, do they need more camels there either? and if helicopter shooting is the chosen method, call in sarah palin. wolves = camels from the air.