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Movies Austin Powers

Did you like Austin Powers?

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I saw all the movies of it last night, and loved every bit of it! Great acting and pretty funny.


Sally Twit
Groovy Baby!

Absolutely loves the AP films. I think they're really funny and love all the jokes where they're naked and covering their "bits" up with various objects.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I love Austin Powers, cannot wait till they come out with the fourth one. The first three are simply hilarious, it's hard to choose which one is better and more funny because there all funny. At first I didn't want to see Goldmember, because it looked horrible by the Trailer, but I finally decided to watch it and I simply loved it. '

If you havent seen any Austin Powers I suggest you to watch them.


It's a great movie series. Goldmember was sort of weak in my opinion (Beyonces character just irritated me throughout the movie) but it was still enjoyable. The Spy Who Shagged Me and International Man of Mystery were both amazing though. Some of the more enjoyable comedies I have seen in awhile.