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Movies Austin Powers 4' deal in the works?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
'Austin Powers 4' deal in the works – The Marquee Blog - CNN.com Blogs

Would you guys be interested in another Austin Powers? Personally, I've always been a fan of the Austin Powers series and I really hope they make a fourth one. I loved the first and third one, second one was alright. If he does decide to make a new one hopefully he comes up with a whole new different story.

What are your thoughts?


Ms. Malone
I thought the deal was done? It was trending on Twitter a few weeks ago.

I like the films, but everything seemed wrapped up and finished after the 3rd one so I don't see the point in it.


aka ginger warlock
I loved and still love Austin Powers one and two but for some reason I was never bothered and interested in seeing Gold Member. I am sure it is a good film I was just not bothered in seeing it. I am just not sure where it will go, there is potential it could be funny and an interesting story I am not sure if I care, which is a shame.


Creeping On You
Austin Powers is a great comedy, and Mike Meyers is pretty awesome. I'd totally be for them making another one. I don't see how you can screw up that type of comedy lol.


Registered Member
Now that Dr. Evil is good, who would Austin have to fight? I mean, I really like the Austin Powers franchise, but this is a question that needs to be answered.


Correction: I think that he will have to fight Scott Evil.
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Sally Twit
I love all of the Austin Powers films and I would happily watch a new one. I think four would be plenty as I'm sure there's room for more comedy there.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
With Scott Evil coming into power I always thought that there would be a fourth movie because of that.

It would be fun to see Austin Powers and Dr Evil on the same team.


rainbow 11!
I love the other movies, but reading this makes me roll my eyes, I just don't think it will be a good movie, though I could be wrong. It seems like it will just be a rehashed story with old jokes and nothing more to add.
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