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Austin Aries to be punished


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
So, Impact Wrestling is going to "punish" Austin Aries for sexual harassment.

Christie announced Kazarian and somebody else when it was Aries and Roode coming to the ring. Aries backed her into the corner of the ring and made her fix her screwup. Then he mounted the middle ropes, pinning her against the turnbuckle and shoving his crotch in her face. She was audible in her protests and her live mic picked it up.

No details on what "punishment" means, but Dixie is pissed. Not smart to intimidate the female co-workers when the boss is a woman.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Diomedes are I were talking about this today as well.

If Christy is upset about it, then its not a good situation. They're calling it sexual harrassment too. I know Aries was mad about it and then his heel persona took over but he did go too far I thought.

Hopefully they clear it all up.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Yeah at first it didn't sound too bad but when Millz and I reviewed it, it seemed borderline. As an Aries fan I hope that this is more of a "TV execs wanted Aries to be punished situation." I'm very serious about how women are treating...I guess in this situation he was probably trying to be in character and not being malicious as a person, so I'm more inclined to forgive and forget if Hemme can.