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    Since we have started to talk about the WW2 topic I wanted to post about this I was wondering what you guys though about Auschwitz-Birkenau. I think it was just discusting, and really bad, it was one of the worst things i've every heard. I don't know a lot about it but I know some to have some arguments, I am sure there's a lot of people here who know more about it then I do.

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    I'm trying not to sound ignorant, but that was one of the nazi concentration camps for Jews, right? We never studied any history outside our own damn country in my high school, so I don't know a lot about it.
  3. Well any Concentration Camp is not very appealing for one, I would imagine most people would find what the Nazi's did rather appauling, considering they killed 12 million people in the camps, 6 million of them being Jewish folk. People need to go visit the Holocaust museum in DC, it is very interesting, though most people may not be able to stomach it. One section has an area full of thousands of shoes from those in the camps.

    Yes Mercenary, it is a Concentration Camp, responsible for some 1.1 million deaths.
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    Yes it's one of the worst Concentration camp ever, they all brought the Jewish people on a train to this place, and then they all made them take showers, and those showers where just a way to kill them without knowing. One of my classmates(girl) went to see it and she said it was so horrible to see, she just started to cry she could not take it. Also she wasn't even jewish, imagine the jewish people who go and visit it.
  5. That is where the showers were converted into gas chambers, whats sad is that the people knew they were going to die, and not take a shower, considering the incenorator was on and they could all see bodies being thrown into it, or the smoke rising.
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    Yeah but some of them did not know it was the bodies burning when they saw that huge black smoke in the sky. Also the rich jeqish people where not sent into the gas chambers because they lots of money. Also the Jewish people wern't the only one sent there there was also Soviet prisoners of war, Gypsies, and prisoners of other nationalities were also incarcerated there
  7. I know, lol I already said that earlier. Six million were Jewish people that died during the war, and the other six were various other people, POWs, blacks, homosexuals, gypsies, etc.
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    The Auschwitz complex was divided in three major camps: Auschwitz I main camp or Stammlager; Auschwitz II, or Birkenau, established on October 8th, 1941 as a 'Vernichtungslager' (extermination camp); Auschwitz III or Monowitz, established on May 31th, 1942 as an 'Arbeitslager' or work camp; also several sub-camps. There were up to seven gas chambers using Zyklon-B poison gas and three crematoria. Auschwitz II included a camp for new arrivals and those to be sent on to labor elsewhere; a Gypsy camp; a family camp; a camp for holding and sorting plundered goods and a women's camp. Auschwitz III provided slave labor for a major industrial plant run by I G Farben for producing synthetic rubber (see Blechhammer). Highest number of inmates, including sub-camps: 155,000. The estimated number of deaths: 2.1 to 2.5 million killed in gas chambers, of whom about 2 million were Jews, and Poles, Gypsies and Soviet POWs. About 330,000 deaths from other causes. Here's a little bit what I learned about it at my College I go to.
  9. I wasnt talking about just Auschwitz mind you, but the whole Holocaust in general.
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    I know you where but I was just stating The Auschwitz was the worst of all of them in general, anyways I would love more comments for other people except Piccolo lol, even though you make this topic very interesting.

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