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Aura, do you believe in it?


Registered Member
hey guys
so its simple, do you belive in aura or not?

my opinion:
well i do, yes i see auras. i love to see the true feelings of people when they say they are happy but i see the sadness they give out as an energy.
at least then i can help


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Hm, I'm not sure if you are asking if we believe in aura, or do have a perception about the truth (ie energy) of others. Some people are in a constant state of deception. They don't seem to have a genuine reaction or sincere thought. So to me their "aura" is secrecy. Others are a bundle of raw emotion with no filter how they interact to the outside world. Their "aura" is trepidation.

Aura is what you emit without speaking. Or how you make people feel without having to compliment them. Or what treatment you bring on to yourself without having even earned it.


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Yeah I do. And I personally think it's pretty damn neat :)
I can't say I have seen much with my own eyes, but I have had others tell me they can see mine and what's it's like, etc.


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Apart from that aura, no I don't believe in it and I don't feel anything special.


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I haven't seen it personally (others I know "see" it) but I've felt people's vibes they send off. There was a stage in my life where I've been super sensitive about these things that no amount of faking or smiling can someone make me believe what they're really thinking/feeling. It came to a horrible point of me trying to be physically far away from certain people because the negative vibes were pulling me down (despite them not saying or doing anything). I'm less sensitive about these things now because I guess I was successful in making myself be less aware/sensitive about these things. I couldn't handle the responsibility.


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Apart from that aura, no I don't believe in it and I don't feel anything special.
I hope to hell this is not what people see when they see my aura!


New Member
Personally, i dont beleive in Aura. Mainly because i wonder, what can give off Aura? Such as a part in your body.
I feel that the use of body language would highly influence the concept of Aura, but obviously not produce a "force"

Lol star wars :p


New Member
I don't believe in them What people see as auras I see as just see someone's actions such as body language, tone of voice, etc to relay how they're feeling.