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Audrey II back? Sold! 85,000,000


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Ok! he put it back after it was cancelled. Then some schmuck did the but it now price for 85,000,000! Now we all know even GP doesnt pay that high. I dunno what the hell is going on there! Hes gonna get hit for thousands by ebay now....BEWARE what you put for your buy it now prices everybody! some joker just may hit the button! Take a look...



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Well Geez! that's my whole point! No contact with him yet either. the final value fees will be upwards of 1,250,000... any suggestions as to how he can fix this problem? This could be really bad.


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The only way to fix the problem is to either get the money for it (which I doubt he will), or is to request his final value fees back and relist the auction (without the Buy It Now this time).


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Someone is deffinetly trying to stick it to this auctioneer. I'd feel really bad for the person if he has to actually pay those final value fees.


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what would happen if he canceled the auction??


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Mina said:
what would happen if he canceled the auction??
Since the buyer has used the Buy It Now option, the auction cannot be cancelled. You will notice that the auction is not live anymore because the Buy It Now was used. All that the seller can do is either get paid or submit an "Unpaid Item Dispute" with eBay for credit on the Final Value Fees for the auction. This is the only thing that the seller can do about the auction now that is has ended.


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Audrey II Lemon Sells for $85,000,000.00

Hi everyone, this is my first post, so I havn't a clue what I'm doing! First I like to say thanks to 1_ares_1 for inviting me to join this community.

While I'm here I'd like to tell about my "Wacky" auction. I found a strange lemon the other day that just looks like Audrey II - the flesh eating plant from the movie "Little Shop of Horrors", so I thought "Why not?".

Since listing my strange lemon a few days ago, it was first terminated by ebay for linking to auction news sites that were covering it like......Oh, OK, good job I previewed... (please don't post link here). I guess you can't post links here either.....Oooo people on the net don't seem to like sharing, do thay?? What is it with links??? ;-(

So anyway, I re-listed it and within just a few hours I was a millionaire, if only for a while. My little sour fruit was purchased for $85,000,000.00.

To cut a long story short, the guy didn't pay and ebay terminated HIM. My ebay fees would have beed over 1,2 million - Ouch!

Anyway, check out the new listing on ebay - just search "Audrey II Lemon" and be sure to "have a butchers" at the video of the crazy lemon gone MAD.

Sorry if this "advertizing" of my auction is in the wrong thread or what-have-you, as I said, I have no clue what I'm doing here YET apart from informing of fun stuff on ebay



~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Re: Audrey II Lemon Sells for $85,000,000.00

Hi and welcome to the boards. I saw your first auction (sorry you got a real putz). I hate spankers.. Good luck on the relist. I have you in my watch list.
Again Good luck and welcome.
Catch ya latter................................ :warp: