PC Games Audiosurf

Anybody else play this game? It's a trippy rhythm/driving/puzzle game. Courses are designed specifically for whatever song you load into the game via your music archive.

Here is the official site: Audiosurf: Ride Your Music
And here is a video of someone Audiosurfing one of my favorite songs (it's a wild song though so you won't be able to tell what the hell is going on): YouTube - AudioSurf (Venetian Snares - Hajnal)

There are even leaderboards for every song you play, I was surprised when I took the 1st place spot on a DJ Shadow song. You can even play co-op with a friend. I was playing with my bandmate and we were driving to songs that we had recorded. Epic.


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I've never heard of it, but it looks pretty cool. The video looks crazy. What exactly is going on there?


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I picked it up when it was first released, fun game. It is basically a puzzle game set to the beat of whatever music you have on your hard drive. There are several modes in the game, but mostly your goal is to match up colored blocks, three in a row makes them disappear and you get points for doing so. You can catch it on sale up on steam for around 5 bucks if you keep an eye out, otherwise i think it is 10 normally.
That is a wild video. Funny song. Mono is pretty fun, but I prefer trying to match up the colored blocks. I hate how Ninja mono has become the "best character" just because a stealth/clean finish gives you such a huge bonus. It's so bothersome/boring that everybody plays as him now.