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Discussion in 'Art & Creative' started by Mirage, May 10, 2010.

  1. Mirage

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    How can I get video to play in realtime in After Effects (with audio). Each time I click play it plays slower and without any audio.

    This is annoying because I'm trying to sync visual effects with the audio. I can't edit it in Premier (where audio does work oddly enough) because the video effects are done through After Effects.

    Any ideas?

  2. Bananas

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    Hit 0 (zero) ...or in the time control panel hit render preview. Thats the weird looking "play" button to the far right of the panel.

    Best way to sync is to go into the Audio waveform layer (LL) and try and read the music from the peaks and troughs. Whilst here by holding CTRL you can then scrub the timeline placing markers at the exact points you want to sync.
    If its a big project you could also sync After Effects with Premiere and switch between apps. After Effects audio is clunky at best.
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  3. Mirage

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    That's a good idea but the waveform doesn't open properly due to the size of the file (and probably the fact that I have a bunch of things open). The RAM preview did work though but I noticed it is glitchy for about 5 seconds each time I hit play.

    What do you mean by sync? Just have the file open in both and use the time in Premier as a reference for where to place things in AE?
  4. Bananas

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    I have never had this problem, How big is the file?

    As for the Ram Preview being glitchy I can only suggest lowering the stage resolution.

    You could do that, just be sure they are displaying the same rates, but there are easier ways.

    You can dynamic link the two apps together. Goto File>DynamicLink>Import *AE/Premiere* file. As you work in one it will auto update the other and you can switch back and for.

    However there is a flaw with dynamic linking, it wont transfer markers. So the solution I know is as follows;

    Open your audio in Premiere first, add your track markers that you would like to sync to and then save as a standard .prproj file.

    You can then import this file into your After Effects composition. It will show as a folder, in that folder will be your audio track and also a composition, if you drag this composition into your main composition as your audio track, you will see all your markers on the layer. You can then use the J & K keys to jump between the markers.
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