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Auction Misspellings...


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Ok, I know alot of us buy on eBay as well as sell... I found this site today and am TRULY amazed at what it can find!!!

It automatically searches all sorts of variant spellings that someone could have misspelled in their title!



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Here's a website where you can download the misspell toolbar:


Once on your toolbar, you just type in your what you're searching for...ex. diamond
Then it automatically takes you to the search on ebay:


Unfortunately for me...awhile back someone in my house who shall remain nameless..*ahem*...purchased this on ebay from another seller...
Fortunately for him...the purchase was only a few dollars...but, nonetheless, I was shocked to find that anyone can download this toolbar for free when there are a ton of ebayers selling this same thing...
So now all of you are getting this info for free! ;)
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You know, the software is only as good as the person who uses it. ;)


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I have to reply to the post above.
yes it is free to download for free off the web.
But there are people out there that don't know where to look and will gladly give a couple bucks on ebay for it simply for the fact they want it now and don't want to waste time looking for it.
this is a "want it NOW" world we live in.
people will gladly give a few dollars for someone else's work ( looking it up )

that's just my two cents.


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Some good tools and resources listed here. the only thin g to keep in mind is a lot of these "free" tools only remain that way until the owners/creators decide they want to make money from it. I've seen it happen countless times in the past.

If you buy software ...you own it and wont have to worry about these issues.



greatt post...I'll add the function to my site.