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Auction life is slow


Registered Member
Sold for a little bit, they buyers have slowed down. I wonder why:-/


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya.

It just depends on what you are selling. Some things like comics are selling like hotcalkes right now, and so are movie props. :nod:

The days of the crazy and strange auctions are almost over.
Thank the gods! :lol:
The days of prank and shill bidding has almost ended too..:nod:

Now if eBay and paypal would lower their fees things will pick back up.

I've been having good luck so far with buying and selling..But then again I buy and sell comics and movie stuff..


Secret Agent
Staff member
Yeah, crazy and strange auctions have bit the dust. eBay has returned to legitimate auctioning once again. :D

Can't say I don't have a certain appreciation for crazy or strange auctions but it did get very annoying with everybody doing something crazy for a while. Some were pretty funny but others were pointless.


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The fees are discouraging a lot of people! I am finding jewelry move really well.


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The fees are discouraging a lot of people! I am finding jewelry move really well.
I love the sellers from Hong Kong and China with the Jewellery.The advertising they use is very slick.I bought (as a test)a very nice chunky gold men's necklace for like $1.99AUD postage $22.95AUD.Looks nice but not real gold as said,but i knew that anyway.

I just love the feedback this guy got,mostly negative from people complaining it wasn't real gold.What do they expect some one is gunna sell them 24oz of gold for $2.00 when gold is around $800 per oz


New Member
the economy is slowing down as a whole...I think we need to take that into consideration. I don't think the fee increases have affected buying activity...maybe selling...but I'm not even sure about that