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Auction Advice Needed


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Hi Everyone...

I am going to experience some financial hardships with my family. It is completely my doing - I resigned my position mid last month so I can stay home with my son more and find a work at home job. I am working normally through this month, then I am going to part-time next month and then I'm done. If I could have lined up an at-home job beforehand, I would have. But, I am a bookkeeper at an accounting firm and I do work for many clients and there was no way I could give just a two week notice to my employer (it's just me and her).

I had faith in my decision and faith that it was the right thing to do. Now, a month into my resignation, I am getting very nervous because I've applied to jobs with no luck. So, to make a long story short - I went through all of my things (which isn't much) to see if I can find anything out of the ordinary to sell. I've come across two things - one completely odd and one that is of sentimental value to me that I earned from a lot of hard work. I always thought I would keep it (and I think most people who have one do) but, family comes first.

My dillema is that both items can appeal to the emotions or they can just be fun. In everyone's experience - what do you feel would be the approach to take?

Keep in mind that I am only greatly hoping for a little bit of money to help buy me a little more time to find a job. If I had anything of value to sell on eBay I would, but most of the things I have are just garage sale material (which I'm having one next weekend).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.....


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Hey Tricia, would selling either item bring in enough to compensate the emotional value you have invested in them? You made a tough choice by quitting your job to be home, I did the same thing when my girls were younger. It may seem seem hard right now, but I'm sure things will work out for the best.
My only advice would be to make sure these are items you're truly willing to part with, sometimes money isn't what's important!


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Well if you decide to sell them maybe you should lean towards the fun side and make you auction fun. I think the crazy fun ones sell better than the sentimental ones......


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Well, I know its hard and it really sucks to sell personal belongings, I went through that. That is what I started on ebay with cause my hubby had lost his job and we needed money. I had to sell everything that I had that I valued, my husband valued and several things that were sentimental. I wasnt aware of the funny auctions when I first started ebay, so I just sold them on a regular basis.
I would wait till I really had to to sell those items, when you have no other choice and then it wont be so hard...... Good luck which ever you choose. :)


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You most have something else beside those!! What about unused jeans, books, shoes, your old purse. Thing of thinks you may have in a closet, under the bed, in the garage......

I don't mean to get personal here but how much cash were you looking for to hold you over.

WOW! I just thought of an idea that may help you. Contact me or if you want me to post it here (public) just reply here.



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Thank you everyone for your support! I am confident that I can part with those items. Yes, I'd keep them if I could and they would remain sitting in a box on my dresser. But, I would gladly part with them if it meant being able to provide for my family.

Ecnotek - I do have things I could sell, but really...I do not think anyone would buy them on eBay. I already buy most of my clothes used and wear them out. I hardly ever buy things new for myself. I don't even have a purse - I'm a wallet type of girl! I am the poster-child of a "low-maintenance" woman. And - I only have 4 pairs of shoes LOL!

My hubby is a different story. He likes big ticket items. But, everything he has right now he needs to start his business. And, if it's not related to his business, it's broken in some manner :smirk:

I would be happy to hear your idea. Feel free to email me at [email protected] since I can't figure out how to contact you through the board.

Thanks again everyone - you'll probably be hearing of an auction soon...and I'm thinking they will be fun and off-the-wall (hopefully) :)


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A long one once again..........
Well I hope things go well for you....but really think about what is important to YOU...You said you are low maintanience....I think that is a start there, As I still have a hard time being one...I like stuff!!! but to give up things that you WOULD love to keep is something you should REALLY think about!

I also Quit a very nice paying job at the Hospital last year to stay home with my child and foster children...It was a really tough choice to make.....As I brought in A lot of money....But my daughter is Preteen and it was Very important for me to be with her and the other children as they needed a "stable mom" in there lives.... We were able to work things out but took lots of planning and refraining from buying things that we really didn't need.....as simple as Pop, Chips, Crackers, Cookies....I make a lot of home made stuff now that I can be home and it is so much cheeper....not saying everyone should be a Betty Crocker, cuz I am not! Just simple small Items can add up....I bought a cold and hot water cooler....no pop...that saves a lot of money! Sometimes no new outfits for the kids...but they have there mom in return.....and I am not ashamed to say I love the thrift stores for almost anything!
Dave was on L&I for two years....he stayed home and collected 60% of his normal wages...I worked so much overtime to make it for us....Then a miricale happened and he was able to go to school for 8 weeks to become a Health Pysisist for a nuclear waiste plant.....God truly blessed us as we were in the middle of loosing our home, boat, cars....all the things that we worked so hard for....Yes, material, but Yes, we earned them!

I am only saying all of this is because Dave and I are doing great now and I am still able to stay home with the children....Sometimes I go nuts and want to work though..it is not all peaches and cream....It is hard to adjust to staying home and more than that it is scary thinking "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" But what you have done is become a woman that says I WILL RAISE MY CHILDREN, I WILL KNOW WHERE THEY ARE, AND I WILL BE THERE WHEN THEY ARE HURT..............I WILL BE THERE!

You did not make a mistake....you knew you needed to do this...you just need to experience the "change over" and adjust to it and believe me it can be done.....And it will be so worth it!!! I promise!!!



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Tricia -

You could also check out the website www.wahm.com. It's a website for work at home moms. It's not a scheme or anything along those lines (like you see with some websites). There's actual job listings on there by actual employers looking for someone to work out of their home for them. There's all kinds of different stuff on there...prolly some bookkeeping &/or accounting ones, I'm sure. If you have yahoo messenger, you can contact me there (just click on my picture on the left, takes you to my profile page, & my yahoo ID is on there). With your experience, I have no doubt you should be able to find something on there. Usually you respond by emailing the employer your interest along with an attached copy of your resume.


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I discovered WAHM.com over a year ago and just recently registered on the boards (same name). Actually, when I wrote my post, I was also working on a killer resume for one of the job leads that Cheryl posts. I stayed up till 6am getting that done. I hope I at least get a phone interview. I had to work at 8:30am this morning so I'm running on empty right now.

Another good site to search is craigslist.org. I've even posted a work-wanted ad.

I just found out today about a site that offers bookkeeping services. It would be exactly what I'm doing now (minus the administrative stuff) except I can do it from home. I will tackle that resume tonight!

TGirl - the water cooler idea is awesome! All of us drink way too much pop. I may have to look into that one. Did you buy yours online?


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Nope, Costco for 99.99, but I am sure you can get them on-line!