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Do you have an attitude that gets you into trouble or are you always polite and co-operative?

For me when I was younger I had a real bad attitude towards things but since I've grown older I've become far more relaxed and co-operative.

I'm not so stubborn and I try and help now instead of kicking up a fuss and being bad mannered.


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Not around people it matters with, ie. employers, tutors, parents, elders in general I guess.

I know I can have a bit of an attitude around friends though, in terms of the fact i'm just a sarcastic bitch, and say a lot of jokey mean comments. But they know I don't mean it so I guess I'm alright at the end of the day.
No I don't have a bad attitude with anyone... except sometimes my mum but only when she really really gets on my nerves. Its pretty damn hard to make me angry and provoke any bad attitudes :lol:

I'm always co-operative with people in authority etc... Unless I very much don't agree with them of course. But even then I won't kick up a fuss.


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Well, I'm usually a pretty laid back kinda person but sometimes I can get pretty pissed off. I don't really have that much of an attitude.


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The only additude I've got is being a smartass and a type of person that talks back, I can't shut up in school, I like to talk back to teachers, even in the most tense moments, I got something to say.


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I've never had a problem with having a "bad attitude" towards people. I am always quite co-operative and polite with people, even if I dont agree with them. If I feel angry or upset about something I dont kick up a fuss...but people can usually tell by the look on my face.


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I was pretty smug, though perhaps not outwardly rude, as a teen--my oldest friend used to call me "Lord God King Ian"--but life has a funny way of reminding us (sometimes very harshly!) that we're not 'all that and a bag of Ruffles,' and that rule granted no exception in yours truly.


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I used to have a really bad attitude which used to offend alot of older people, but i like to think i've matured alot now...

Nowadays people tend to get offended by me due to sarcasm or because I tell it exactly how it is. These people usually lack a sense of humour.


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A long time ago yes I had an attitude that did not go down to well,back in my early teens i as a proper little s**t.

I try to get along with people now,there is only so long you can have that sort of bad attitude before it gets you into some serious trouble.