PC Games Attention All Runescape players!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by re4pwner, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. re4pwner

    re4pwner New Member

    If you play runescape stop before its to late! You must buy Oblivion and play that instead. My brother used to play Runescape for hours straight. But now he play oblivion and World of Warcraft. Just do it!!!!!!!:nod:

  2. Waffen_SS

    Waffen_SS New Member

    There is nothing wrong with runescape!!!!! I know all the new and improved MMORPG's are great and all, but runescape is classic and everyone has played it, and that's how they got involved in all MMORPG's. I still play it, and it keeps me fresh on all other MMORPG's and reminds we what gaming used to be. So don't dis runescape!!!!:D
  3. IncaWarrior08

    IncaWarrior08 New Member

    Ok first of all Runescape should never be refered to as classic because it is no where neither the title of classic. I would give it the titles... Basic, Kiddy, Meaningless, and Wasteful. Ah now there are some pretty good titles! Runescape is full of 5yr old(In body or spirit) kids running around and stabbing deer...Grow up! Unless you really are five then stop playing this game now. This game is basically a tutorial to actually MMORPG's because you hate to play it but at some point and time you know you have to and when you finally get done with it you realize that it didn't teach you anything that just playing a real MMORPG wouldn't have.
  4. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    Don't bash people. It can get kinda nasty if someone takes it the wrong way.

    Anyway, who cares if a bunch of kids want to run around killing deer? I'm 21 and have tons of fun trying to chase down and kill a deer in Oblivion, so why shouldn't a kid have the same kind of fun in Runescape? Grow up and learn some respect, because if you don't have fun killing deer, it doesn't mean that someone else doesn't.
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  5. murderbyWIImote

    murderbyWIImote Registered Member

    ITS FREE WHADDAYA WHANT?! runescape's not that bad. besides, its great for beginners before movin up to more complex epics like WoW
  6. Agosti

    Agosti New Member

    Runescape ain't full of 5 year olds!!!:mad: Lot's of people play it!!! Take me for example, I'm a teen!:mad: :mad: :mad: So never insult Runescape!!!!!!!!!!

    Runescape's Cool!:D
  7. Tainted_Glory

    Tainted_Glory Not a Scientologist

    Runescape's ok... I guess. It doesn't really get fun until you get and can weild dragon, though.
  8. ShadowThrone

    ShadowThrone New Member

    Runescape is what it is... I tried to get into it, but it is too difficult to find where you need to go for quests imo. But the seemingly endless items iindividuality in characters is cool!
  9. nerv

    nerv New Member

    only fun at lvl 126
  10. WhiteLight

    WhiteLight New Member

    Runescape is overrated i must say
    i used to play it till the cows come home but WoW and Oblivion are much better although the 20$ a month fee for WoW is a bit much

    KoC is good also

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