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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by snelling101, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. snelling101

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    Something that bothers me more then anything else, is when i am sitting somewhere and someone asks me what religion i am. Since i am atheist i tell them that, and they proceed to tell me 15 different reasons why their religion is so great. Then when i tell them that i won't argue why i am atheist and attempt to convert them to my beliefs, as long as they don't attempt to convert me to theirs. Does anyone else ever feel this way? or have this same confrontation ?

  2. MenInTights

    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    I'll throw out the other side:

    Penn Jellett is a guy that I generally agree with politically, but am very much opposed on religious beliefs. He's an atheist. One day I saw a video of Jallett where he was talking about a Christian on his staff that handed him a Bible and gave him a quick plan of salvation. Jallett said he respected the guy for what he did.

    Jallett said something I thought was profound. This guy believes that in a short amount of time (0-40years) both he and Jallett would be spending either an eternity in Heaven or Hell. Had he NOT shared his faith with Jallett, not only would he not be a genuine friend, he would be genuinely cruel. To have friends that you know (according to your beliefs) will spend eternity in torment and to not say something to save them from that is horrendous.
  3. Bananas

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    In the UK religion is a bit of a silent subject and very few people actively preach it. There is very little religious confrontation and even though the country is largely non-practicing protestant or aethiest people do come across as very secular. It is a bit of a taboo subject and one of those things you just dont talk about in public. Politics is the same, I could not tell you who my closest family members vote for or what their religious conviction are. They are seen as personal issues and respected as such.

    We do occasionaly get a pamphlet through the door about the local church or once a year a jehova will call past but other than thatthere is no religious disscusion.
  4. MenInTights

    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    amazing. I suspect there are pockets of America like that, but I've never experienced it.
  5. Bananas

    Bananas Endangered Species

    It is slightly strange, the country has had a long religious history and is littered with churches so you would expect it to be religious.

    But I think there are a few prominent reasons;

    Religion does not impact our lives is down to the fact that it is mostly protestantism(CoE), which in itself is a rather forgiving and open sector of christianity. The CoE in particular carries the attitude that you dont have to attend church or pray to God to be a good christian, if you sin we will forgive you, so the whole religious affair is rather subdued and open-minded anyway.

    There is also in somways the polite British attitude in upholding the old etiquete "Dinner party rules; never talk sex, religion, politics or money", you have that saying or similar there?

    There were the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the UK moved away from religion on a whole. For a while whenever religion was mentioned it was often follwed by some attrocity or deep resentment. People grew tired of it and found it easier to just keep quiet.

    Finally I think a lot of NW Europe moved away for conservative values in general, and the old church being the most conservative of the lot. Schools remained christian but they nolonger taught christian values but common western values instead. Political correctness crept in and it gradually eroded religion from the forefront of life. Why it did this Im not sure, I'd guees it had something to do with the wars as people lost faith in what was a fight for survival.
  6. Merc

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    This is one of my greatest annoyances in life is when a religious person or persons tries to stick their book down your throat and tell you why it tastes good when you know full well what you'd rather eat.

    That being said, I'm not mean to them, I don't bitch slap Jehovahs or anything, but the persistent types like Fred Phelps and the picketers get real old real fast.
  7. EllyDicious

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    here in albania we have jehovans who come to our homes and tell us bullshits. i don't even open the door when they knock on it.
    apart from that, i don't have anyone telling me about his/her religion and convincing me what to choose.
    if i had one, i would slap everything on her/his face.
  8. gmash

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    same was in russia and same is in poland. but I've found in the internet a few ways how to get rid of them. it works so far.
  9. Mickiel

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    I have experienced this with Atheist. I go to religious boards, where God and religion is being discussed, and they are crawling with Atheist. The Atheist are trying to include themselves into a " Religion Discussion Board." They proceed with 15 different reasons why we shouldnot believe in God. They literally take over the board, and the rest is an example in people bothering your belief.

  10. Merc

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    For once in my life, I agree with you Mickiel. Atheists can be just as bad and sometimes way more annoying than the religious crowd. With a Christian door-to-door salesman, they'll usually leave you alone if you tell them to leave if not mutter something about you going to hell. Atheists, in my experience, will mock you and continue to ask you why you believe. It's quite annoying.

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