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Attacked by a Animal


Free Spirit
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I've been fortunate when going hiking and horse back riding to of never had to deal with being attacked. Not even bit by a snake. Actually the closest thing I have come to an encounter is something which sounded big growling at me while out horse back riding with a friend. The brush and trees were so thick I, nor my friend, could see what it was. The horses reacted to this by hurrying on up the hill and you wasn't going to slow them down. We do have bear and mountain lions here.

I hear so many horror stories about people out enjoying nature and things turn out very badly like the people that were attacked by a cougar while out biking. I was wondering if you ever were attacked, even by a squirrel, while out trying to enjoy nature? Ever thought you were going to be?


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I was attacked by a German Shepard while working at sonic. :lol:

No joke, this dog jumps completely out of the car on top of me and just starts going at it, I have no idea why.

I punched this stupid dog in the face to subdue it. Only time I've ever punched an animal.

I can't imagine how frightening it would be to get attacked by a wild animal though. Something like a bear, mountain lion, snake, or a stag just really scares me.


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Nope, never been attacked. I've seen a lot of wildlife - moose, elk, bears, bison, coyotes, etc, but I've never had any problems with them at all. Seems like most animal attacks are the fault of the human. Animals typically learn to be fearful of humans and try to avoid them.


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I have never been attacked, but I did get really close to getting bitten by a snake. I accidentally stepped on it when I was hiking through the property. My parents have 172 acres of farmland. Thankfully, I stepped on it's head, as it was a venomous snake.


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I have been chased by a dog before...I guess that doesn't count.

I was attacked by red ants one time when I accidentally stepped on their anthill. That's about all...cool story eh?


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I've been bitten by a rottweiler and a boxer before but they were just warning bites. My ball python bit me by accident once because I made the mistake of reaching into her cage while her feed was present. None of the bites caused any major damage so I've been very lucky.


Free Spirit
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The only dog I have been attacked by was a chihuahua. Went to a friends house walked into the living room and it went after me.

I also stepped on a snakes head when I was at the creek. Scared me to death when it started slapping my leg. Forgot about it until you mentioned it AK. The perils of living in the country.

When I was a kid I was attacked by yellow jackets. I was hiking in the woods and I knocked over this rotten stump and out the came. Chased me all the way to the house stinging me. I guess this counts as a animal attack.


I've been kicked by a horse.
Bitten by a snake.
Stung by huge bugs.
Bitten by a tarantula
Bitten by a dog (my own dog, he got snappy in old age)
Scratched by monitor lizards and iguanas.

Nothing too dangerous yet. The horse kick could have been bad if it got me right in the back, but I was lucky because I got kicked right in the ass. Lots of padding there haha. The snake that bit me was non-venomous so that was fine too.
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I've been bitten by my dog before for annoying him too much but I wouldn't classify that as anything dangerous because it wasn't much of a bite. I think I've been lucky not to have been really hurt by any animal.


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I have some chest and arm scars from being attacked by various cats and some other animals, it is really no big deal though, I just don't like how I get associated with someone that self harms because of how bad the marking are on my wrist and then people try to plaster some stupid label on me for it.

Otherwise I tend to stay away from things that seem like they might be trouble.

I've outran a few dogs as well, thankfully.