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for some reason I cannot upload attachments... I browse my folders select the picture, put it into the bar, hit upload, and I get a popup box... please select image to upload?

Whats up with that?


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well, why is it takeing so long to fix... what is people want to show off thier collections, or people like me who want to show off the 'hell freezes over' snow in AZ in mid march!

I have a pic from my driveway that will blow everyones minds!!


what? no pink?
you had snow in Arizona? wow that would be a pic to see : )


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Staff member
It's a problem with a server configuration file. I'm working to upgrade this but it is taking time since it's not the only thing I am working on.

In the meantime, if you have a way to upload the image elsewhere you can use the


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If you have PhotoBucket, you can always upload the photos on there & then paste the link in here. That's what I did in the "Chitty Chat" thread to show recent pics of Krissy.