Atlantis, fact or fiction?

Discussion in 'Science & History' started by Mirage, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Mirage

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    Alright, what are your thoughts on Atlantis? Do you think it actually existed at one point?

    Plato talked about Atlantis quite a bit, but people often wonder if he was just using Atlantis as a fictional analogy to get his points across.

    Personally I think it would be pretty awesome of Atlantis had existed. Especially if we are able to actually do some serious underwater exploration and research. Just think of the history that we could learn if Atlantis were to turn out to be real? That's a lot of ancient history that we'd have to add to the school books.

    If it did exist, it would have been similar to the Greek and Roman civilizations, based on the rumors at least.

    Whether it was real or not, I find it interesting that humans have spent more time and money exploring space than we have our own oceans.

  2. oxyMORON

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    I saw a really interesting documentary on Atlantis a summer ago. I don't remember all of it, but they were definitely different from the Greeks and Romans, especially in the field of architecture.

    They said one volcano/earthquake/tsunami led to another and it all headed west to Egypt. The Egyptians were supposedly good trade buddies with the ancient Minoan civilization living on the islands, and after several catastrophic tsunamis wiped out their entire islands, they went to Egypt for help.

    Apparently, that's where the legend of Atlantis originally came from. The Greek just heard it and made it their own.

    The Egyptians also already had an early knowledge of a sea-dominating civilization, far superior for its time, living in the Aegean and Mediterranean, especially before it got all wiped out. One of the experts said that if the civilizations living on Crete and the island above it (Santorini, or something like that) weren't wiped out, we may be speaking their languages instead of the ones we do today.

    Really interesting stuff
  3. Mirage

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    Interesting. The architecture I've seen from Atlantis research is perhaps a mix between Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. That could all be different depending on who is telling the story though.

    Does anybody know what language may have been spoken in Atlantis?

    It's definitely interesting stuff though. If they had pyramids similar to the Egyptians (which some legends show them as having), how cool would that be if one day we discovered the lost city of Atlantis? I'm sure even if it somehow sunk, parts of it would still be intact.

    Don't we have ways of measuring how deep the ocean is in different areas? Do you know if anybody has come up with theories of how Atlantis could have actually been in the spot where legend puts it?
  4. Westy

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    I believe.....Its down there in the ice under antarctica?
  5. Kazmarov

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    Fiction. Aristotle said that men have more teeth in their mouth than women, but never went and actually looked to confirm that. We need to take what the ancient Greeks said with a grain of salt.

    Plato was a philosopher, not an explorer or historian. The odds that he'd talk in depth about something that everyone else did not know about (or most) are so infinitesimal so as to basically be zero.
  6. Merc

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    I've heard of places similar to Atlantis. Isn't there evidence of a sunken city near Japan? I'm too lazy to look for it, but I know I saw it on National Geographic TV.
  7. Easily-Amused


    its possible that a civilization sank at one point
    but I dont believe that they were "superior for their time"
    So the bare minimum, I do agree with. it's all the hype around it that I think very little of.
  8. Merc

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    Why not superior? We've have peoples who have displayed incredible potential and power such as the Egyptians. They just did not make it through the years.
  9. Easily-Amused


    because it just makes no sense. if they were truly superior for their time, they would have figured out, "hey! we're sinking! Let's get off this island!"
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  10. AngelsPeak

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    Isn't it suppose to have happened in one night though, without warning?

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